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Welcome to a1_antitrypsin’s page.
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a1_antitrypsin  Totally agree, and they give you a slight increase in PT instead +  
mambaforstep  yeah but if they gave you an increase in PTT then Hemophilia A could have been a valid answer choice. so they prob showed a nl PTT to differentiate vWF dz from hemophlia A +  
drpee  VWD only sometimes presents with a slightly increased PTT. Don't let those anki facts steer you wrong... Plus all the other answers make no sense. Afibrinogenemia? That means literally no fibrinogin (PT and PTT would be infinitely increased). Hemophelia? Or vitamin K deficiency? Those are coagulation factor disorders so they would present with deep bleeding and large bruising. (Unlike platelet disorders, including VWD, which present with mucosal bleeding, petechiae, and heavy menses). VWD is actually the ONLY one that makes sense. +