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Welcome to ad54me’s page.
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 +0  (step2ck_form7#12)

This question is kinda bullshit because 4 weeks is basically a month...

keyseph  The event happened 4 weeks ago, but his symptoms have occurred for 2 weeks. +

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submitted by russnels(12),

I'm not sure what they were going for on this question. Is it that bilateral varicoceles are the only answer correlated with decreased sperm count? Maybe testicular atrophy? Doesn't mention anything about the testes, so not sure what to think.

zjb80291  My best guesss: Sperm/semen need to be at a lower temperature than body temp (why testicles hang away from body). Varicoceles contain warm blood that would more likely cause infertility. +  
ad54me  Varicocele is classically "bag of worms" feeling which they alluded to in the question "ill-defined soft masses palpated bilaterally, high in scrotum" +