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Welcome to ajguard26’s page.
Contributor score: 39

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 +16  (nbme19#16)
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noihroCci lvili pgimlasn si hte atgnik fo ctgneie almateir hinwti ni the nocrchiio liilv of het c.ateapln hrniooicC imnagspl is edon nehw a etintap si ta high riks fro lmaorsmoohc sliobiemartan (sieovpru .ops sestt, oy35 or o,ledr lfmaiy )h.x idunrg teh 103-1 sweek of ynpeanrc.g

nediConf pcelntaal immascsio lurtess wenh eht CS.V.. tensitg ecsmo kcba acbk gosniwh a soym,tir tbu all nqesutbesu tseitgn a(nd hte tfuse )etlfis ahve loarnm amocrlhosom cs.unot Thsi yam be due ot riehet a ctltharoipbos mittuoan, or yb icmtior"s ,ueces"r in hhicw tscomiir lelcs atht rewe opuespsd to eb ni hte sfeut rea cnfedoin ot het lpacetan to rtnepev an laamonrb .fsetu

cbay0509  thank you +
shakakaka  Why It's unreadable.. +2

 +2  (nbme19#13)
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As teh csluem sowkr dna rbesak nwod ,PTA eidnosnea si oer,dcpdu ilagnde to an ceenasir in eht tusess.i hTis enieadrcs ansdneeio esascu anivoolasid,t cihwh in utnr ascerenis aclsrauv eocdtncaucn (het lofw of a vuomel fo oobdl ugtohhr eht latva.)usceru

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 +5  (nbme19#24)
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This ietnpat eenpsstr itwh iassccl uprep romot ronune eloins tsms:pmyo ,aswekesn apieyrxel,rhef nda rededcsae t.nsisnoea ,ewHrevo teh uteoqnsi essatt ehs nact"no ltle eerthwh hre felt reagt toe si rdisea ro d"ssedeerp nhew her yees ear odecsl, hhwci amy akme yuo idsrnorcee dan tihnk reeth may be seom prpveipocoirte iuesss teyh aer igntry ot tnih at. hiTs si tno het ea.cs iaycEllesp coen yhte itomenn ehetr aer on hetro smanaibrotiel .i,.(e on rppue blmi tarlabnismieo ro thrig ideds sira)no.tlabmie If isht is eht ,esac ether is on gmeaad to hte arsctt at lla hhwc(i aer ltils escddioner )NM.U

,rTeherefo hte mgedaa si pluyre rmtoo dan snsorye in eht lfte ,elg hhcwi is on hte dilame csapet fo hte ftlrona dna irlaapet bosel etvrlpceysie. Tsih eaar si spldieup yb het ireranto learcbre y.terar

issamd1221  contralateral deficits +
cbay0509  thank you +
flapjacks  I think her 60 pack-year history suggests possible PAD and therefore loss of proprioception in the lower extremities, leading to an unfortunate distractor +
an_improved_me  I don't understand why you would consider the propioceptive deficit a distractor... doesn't the DCML (which carries propioceptive information) project to the primary somatosensory cortex (via the VPL?). In this case, a lesion to the right anterior cerebral artery, which supplies both motor and sensory information to the lower limb would lead to somatosensory, propioceptive, and motor deficits. +

 +1  (nbme19#48)
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uybvislOo on urtecip rh,ee tbu "A" ni het ipeutrc nprrtseees saorBc' ara,e ihhcw wuldo ueasc eht ervessexip aapshai shti tinpaet is nreeiixn.pegc

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 +3  (nbme19#42)
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u"nfonCniodg ia"sbevlra ehre asnme "fidnonocung "i,bas l.telanssyei nAd sith si utre cesubea a repcsivtoep chorot kolos ta a eicicpfs xusoepre to a cnussbeat aenliromen(ntv txnoi, ,udrg ,)cet. and asks "Woh illw pedvleo this asdeesi fi ped?sx"oe CSsP' oolk tpttmea to fdni a treaveil rsik asodtascie twih na oeseu.pxr hTye do otn etak tnio ouctnac the csfteaf rehot uoesrexp.s hisT is royu unniocgfnod a.bsi AF sgvie eth mpexela fo odunongcfin absi sa lon"yuraPm adessie si oerm oncmmo in swokerr ni a ocal emn;i ow,vhere nirsme are rmoe kiyell to mek",so adn ciesn kongims cna laso dael ot arnyupolm ed,essia you tan'c lryale ysa rthwehe hte ismngok ir(sft or densoc d)hna or teh aclo dust saeusc hte mrpole.b A nclcliia l,airt on hte thoer d,hna cnsianot a ttse uopgr dna a oltcnro ug,opr so elbaavris hcus as eht dnoucifongn alaivber nneiedmot bvaeo rea

 +12  (nbme19#1)
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So ouatghhl sootMrpilso SEDO aniecrse usmcu rniotpduco dan si ispcoatotere-vtrg dan( in AF esdo tesat hatt it decsresae dcai ouidct),norp ertybeh srdceieagn mmopytss dna daiing in ihnela,g eeplrzmooa is het e"rmo ecr"ortc i.hcoec Tihs si ceabsue ozlreapmoe si a m-ppponurot ht,binirio hhcwi lwli tca tlcirdey on eth tnorpo psupm of eth chsoamt dan edacrese eht ndfogfein agetn emor atnh eht olportsmosi llwi. fTerrheo,e ti is eth iftsr leni dgur rfo EDRG.

an_improved_me  These questions can be so frustrating... I mean most people know PPIs are your go to when considering GERD / peptic ulcer disease... but when you speicfically add "both relieving Sx ... promoting healing", why even add a drug that specifically and directly does both... I mean PPIs promote healing, but so indirectly. This hurts my heart +1

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