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submitted by focus(29),

"The drainage pathways are as follows: (a) upper rectum: through the superior rectal nodes to the inferior mesenteric nodes, (b) lower rectum: from the lower rectum through the middle rectal nodes to the internal iliac nodes, and (c) anal canal: through the mesorectal (also known as inferior rectal) nodes to the inguinal and femoral nodes."

armageddon_oh  FA 2020: pg.366 USMLE loves them hemorrhoids. +  
cheesetouch  fa2018 p360 +  

submitted by neonem(572),
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abhishek021196  Would like to add that the IA antiarrythmics = Quinidine, Disopyramide, Procainamide also prolong QT interval and can lead to tosades de Pointes and they would most likely present with Cinchonism (headache, tinnitus with quinidine), reversible SLE-like syndrome (procainamide), HF (disopyramide), thrombocytopenia. The decreased HR and BP point towards Sotalol. +5  
armageddon_oh  Im glad you can regurgitate sketchy but none of those drugs were options here. It's as simple as which of these can cause torsades. +6  
an_improved_me  Lol why the salt ^? I'm sure to some people, this was a useful reminder of the side-effect profile of these drugs (spaced repetition), and was likely helpful for the poster (again, spaced repetition) Its all love! +5  

submitted by sajaqua1(535),
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armageddon_oh  Perfringens is also usually a delayed response, can help in vignettes! +  
jj375  Vibrio cholera and V. parahaemolyticus are usually associated with seafood. B. cereus is re-heated rice, plus the vomiting type is a preformed toxin, but the diarrhea form is not, so I guess if it was rice, this could technically fit. Campylobacter is blood diarrhea, not watery. S aureus is preformed toxin so it usually happens within a few hours of eating the food, not 12 to 48 hours later. C. perf is less commonly asked about if its not gas gangrene, but First Aid also says that it's usually diarrhea after 10-12 hours and resolves by 24 hours. +