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Welcome to bhangradoc’s page.
Contributor score: 21

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 +17  (nbme22#26)
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The lv-euaP si iscllbaya type 1 eorrr, nad etyh keep teh -eapluv het mesa t(a l.t;0)&5 ni tbho snrsevio of het yB anecinrisg eumrnb of stentaip in het orpgu, yteh eacinesr wpoer of eth dyuts, hwhci suecdre epty II r.oerr

jfny21  Thank you +1
baja_blast  For more, FA 2019 p. 262 goes over Type I and II errors. +

 +2  (nbme22#32)
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Shnwnac cl:esl htey aer poupessd ot dreagde dlaeiusr lmneyi ashteh druign eht nlruoane annee.eodrgit iohuttW atht ite,godrnaene I sseug you atc’n ere-nainvrte yopperr.l Not olayttl ues.r

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submitted by _pusheen_(6),
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No haecng in ptye 1 rrreo dan sedaceer ni teyp 2 rerr?o aCn meosone aelpse lpnaixe w?yh

bhangradoc  The P-value is basically the type 1 error, and they keep the p-value the same (at <.05) in both versions of the experiments. By increasing number of patients in the group, they increase power of the study, which reduces type II error. +2