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This has been a tough concept for me to get, but I think I'm finally there:

The stem is describing primary adrenal insufficiency, or Addison's.

  • ACTH is being over-produced to stimulate the adrenals to produce cortisol, but they can't respond, either due to atrophy or destruction (TB, autoimmune: DR4, etc.)
  • The first 13 amino acids of ACTH can be cleaved to form α-MSH, which stimulates melanocytes, causing hyperpigmentation
jotajota94  Good job! Also, cortisol is involved in maintaining blood pressure. which was decreased in the patient. +4  
tinydoc  Decreased Na and increase K+ --- Hypoaldosteronisim Hypoglycemia, and hypotension --- Hypocortisolism so the adrenals arent working ---- adrenal Insufficiency the Hyperpigmentation comes from the increase ACTH as ACTH is from Proopiomelanocorticotropin. SO - increased ACTH also increases a -MSH ---> Hyper pigmentation. +6  
hungrybox  thank u for this answer +  
bilzcop  Ugh! I misread the question and chose ACTH :( +1  
cienfuegos  @bilzcop: same +  
cienfuegos  @bilzcop: let's never do it again, k? +  
maxillarythirdmolar  Why does this patient have elevated BUN and creatinine?? +