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Welcome to brotherimodu’s page.
Contributor score: 14

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Anki Card I made: Vagina = {{c1::Stratified squamous}} Cervix = {{c1::Stratified squamous --> simple columnar (endocervix)}} Uterus = {{c2::simple columnar}} Fallopian tubes = {{c2::simple columnar}} Ovaries = {{c3::simple cuboidal}}

brotherimodu  For some reason I don't trust you +9  
focus  ^^^ haahahaha. Thankfully the patients aren't seeing these usernames +  

submitted by gh889(94),
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Rnirgreef to sRINT dna RIsNTN sa smtainya of temtrtean

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ususmle  I guess he is asking about integrate,,,,, where his should be integrated into host dna to get replicated .. triple therapy includes. 2drugs NRTIs and other one is integrate +  
whoissaad  @ususmle NRTIs would still inhibit DNA synthesis since they mess with the reverse transcriptase which is needed to make viral DNA. +2  
thotcandy  @ususmle HIV triple therapy is 2 NRTIs/NNRTIs + 1 protease inhibitor. Plus, if her CD4+ cunt is already 60/mm, that shit is well integrated in her CD4 cells already, right? +1  
brotherimodu  I was confused because isn't HIV an RNA virus? +  
focus  @brotherimodu yes and therefore it uses a reverse transcriptase +1  

submitted by nwinkelmann(265),
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sweetmed  This is amazing. thank you +  
sweetmed  This is amazing. thank you +  
paulkarr  Woah... +  
brotherimodu  Short video someone posted from NBME-21 answers: +1  
dorischang  Didn't finish reading this, but it looks awesome +  

In a pancreatic B cell glucose enters via GLUT 2 and enters glycolysis. This causes the increased concentration of ATP in the cell causes the closure of ATP sensitive K+ channels. When this happens the cells becomes depolarized allowing Voltage gated Ca2+ channels to be open. The Ca2+ allows for exocytosis of insulin into the blood vessel.

Hence the answer here... Fusion of an intracellular vesicle with the plasma membrane.

pg 324 FA 2019 has the image

brotherimodu  Woah. Who knew the body was so complicated? +  

submitted by soscrying(8),

at my uni, we learnt that at lower GFR, loop diuretics still work. That's why you should use them in renal failure. Thiazides would not work with a GFR of <30.

qball  Dang, you actually learned something at your school? Lucky. +9  
lowyield  At our med school they teach us that Thiazide anti-HTN function is primarily from it's direct effects on vasculature rather than it's diuretic effects. Somehow directly affects the vasculature which is not well understood but this is linked to why Thiazides have greater efficacy in African American Populations. That's kinda why i figured it wouldn't be the best diuretic in this case. +  
brotherimodu  lowyield but interesting +  

submitted by sympathetikey(1029),
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Berett tpiceur - tat-cea/wb8/Bvupw1atecdjo2/mh:Nl1sw/els.c/

yb_26  @at0xibolic, I think you won this competition on finding better picture lol thanks +5  
drschmoctor  Those may be better, but this is the BEST. +5  
brotherimodu  god damnit +  
jesusisking  Not again (´∀`) +  

submitted by beeip(118),
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sniperx3  I think it's because Bethanechol acts on M3 receptors which can treat her urinary problems but it might exacerbate her asthma symptoms since there are M3 receptors on the lungs. +32  
suckitnbme  I definitely had to read this question multiple times to understand it. +2  
brotherimodu  I read it like 6 times and gave up +1  

submitted by youssefa(111),
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brotherimodu  People can move in their sleep? +1  

submitted by usmleuser007(337),
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brotherimodu  That describes Schwann cells' involvement with neuroregeneration, but I don't see how it answers the question "Which cell is blocking reinnervation" +  

submitted by cr(3),
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yb_26  thiazolidinediones (pioglitazone) increase insulin sensitivity (in muscles and liver) through activation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma (PPAR) I think they are asking about primarily mechanism of action, that's why it is E +  
cienfuegos  UW explanation regarding the genes upregulated 1. GLUT4: insulin responsive on adipocytes/skeletal increases G uptake 2. adiponectin: cytokine secreted by adipocytes increases # of insulin responsive adipocytes and stims FA oxidation 3. PPAR family also plays significant role in pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome +1  
poisonivy  Also, I think the word uptake shouldn't be right when speaking about insulin, it does increase insulin sensitivity and therefore glucose uptake +5  
brotherimodu  @poisonivy That's why I didn't choose C and went with E since it was more specific +  

submitted by hungrybox(831),
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nehw fidf ilsegn dantsr aeprir ssniaehcmm rea ed:us

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meningitis  Brca: recombinant repair +  
brotherimodu  P.40 FA2019 lists the different DNA repair mechanisms +2  
teepot123  fa '19 pg 382/3 +  

am i the only one who chose mesothelioma? didnt that look like a pleural plaque posteriorly to anyone?

brotherimodu  That's what I thought too. +  

submitted by hayayah(1000),
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Patotisrtis is aczderarcehit by a,ryidus creequnyf, reyg,ucn lwo back .niap aW,mr e,tdnre eerdganl r.pstoeta

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ergogenic22  In young men it could be chlamydia but the question stem makes no mention of sexual activity, so it is e. coli +11  
charcot_bouchard  First this guy isnt older! He may incite Daddy issue but not older. At this age people tend to be more monogamous so E Coli the more likely answer. But again cont NBME 20 trend this one was pretty vague too. +1  
monkey  They classify at 35 year old (<35 = Chlamydia or Neisseria and > 35 = E.coli) +3  
mbourne  I put Pseudomonas, as that is a cause of prostatitis in older men, but it is less common than E. coli. Just keep that in mind, if E. coli wasn't an answer choice, the answer should have been Pseudomonas. If he was a younger male, then Chlamydia would have been acceptable. +3  
brotherimodu  @mbourne I think Pseudomonas is the more common etiology for acute prostatitis in the elderly (>65ish for exams), whereas E.Coli is the more common etiology in adults 35-64yo +