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How is a synthetic opioid (dextromethorphan) that you can find with a 2 second google search as causing constipation the correct answer? Is it just because tiotropium wouldn’t treat the cough?

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Ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis is not reversibly affected by insulin. The question asks for reversible ways that insulin affects it, and ubiquitination would lead to degradation via proteases, which is not reversible. Nuclear/cytoplasmic shunting makes sense because FOXO is a transcription factor, so it can’t do its job if it is in the cytoplasm!

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NBME 20 has a question with a guy taking over the counter cough medication and now he has constipation. Want to guess the answer? It was dextro! -> https://nbmeanswers.com/exam/nbme20/458

So I’m pretty sure the NBME 22 question is just straight up wrong.