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Welcome to cellgamesgojan’s page.
Contributor score: 39

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 +4  (nbme21#5)
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 +6  (nbme21#14)
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ergogenic22  isolated thrombocytopenia (low platelets) should be highly suggestive of ITP +2
pg32  I agree that in ITP you will see an increase in megakaryocytes, but where did you see that in the stem? Platelets being, "rare but large" doesn't mean megakaryocytes, does it? Also... can anyone explain why she was anxious but alert and had petechiae distal to the blood pressure cuff? +
meryen13  @pg32, I'm not too sure about the "anxious but alert" but I think they might wanted to mention she is oriented so in case there was no lab values, you would guess that she is not extremely anemic or something. and about the petechia with the cuff and the tooth brushing bleeds, that is a sign of platelet problems because its a superficial bleed. if you saw deep bleeds like joint bleedings, think about coagulation pathway problems (like hemophilia) +2
zevvyt  "rare" means thrombocytopenia. "Large" means there are megakaryocytes to make up for the thrombocytopenia +2
lovebug  FA2019, page419 +1

 +11  (nbme21#28)
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I gefuidr, g-lecynXiY- is yehalnicctl noeeddcris a payrimr“ ainom icda suurtrect of a e”oirtnp eiscn eth dinioentfi of a Pmaryri seurruttc of a otpinre si “a rnaeil nachi fo nomai .disc”a fI uyo mess iwth hte amPrriy euutsr,rct as in eht sienuotq et,sm yuo noatcn rmof hte cdoSnyear tuerrsutc fo het ,tripneo whihc si tnmeddreei yb hte ghdgdyenoon-ibrn whhic uroscc webnete teh deippet eanokbcb, dennednitpe fo het R o.sgrpu I hoep htsi maed es.esn

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 +18  (nbme21#35)
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AV lFutissa r-oetru boold fmro eth laetrria myests to the nsoevu emtsy,s nsg-bisypa het eretrAsoli = Iaesnerc PL ;g&-t-- NICREAES V.R lAl ni lal = craesnIe C.O

icAgdrnoc ot dW,rloU the roesatirle era a amrjo osucer fo sscetaerin ... so gbsanpysi eht otlseraeir rsultes in a dscereae in alTto eplPhaerri ecsstRanie ... gsnciau an eearncsi in the aret dan veoulm of dlobo nitenrugr ot the e.hrta I am eptyrt seur ehtre si mero to the pohgiyolys bhenid this, but I ehop stih pedxaline a .telilt

big92  "Immediately following creation, arteriovenous fistula (AVF) is associated with an increase in cardiac output (CO), achieved predominantly through a reduction in systemic vascular resistance, increased myocardial contractility, and an increase in stroke volume (SV) and heart rate. Over the following week, circulating blood volume increases in conjunction with increases in atrial and brain natriuretic peptides. These alterations are associated with early increases in left ventricular (LV) filling pressure with the potential for resultant impact on atrial and ventricular chamber dimensions and function." (PMID: 25258554) There's also another study by Epstein from the 1950s looking at the effects of AVF's effect on CO in men (PMID: 13052718). Apparently, the increase in resting CO is a big problem because it can lead to high-output cardiac failure (LVH). +23
hungrybox  Jesus big92 you went in on the research lmao u must be MSTP +6
temmy  big92 you are right. that is why pagets disease pagets have high output cardiac failure because of the av shunts. +4
kevin  what is "increase PL" +2

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