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Plus, all the other options are not associated with B2 agonist, so just by process of elimination, tremor is the only one left

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They are asking, in a complicated way, the mode of action of Bethanechol. All the other options are not muscarinic receptors except parasympathetic stimulation.

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"Myositis ossificans usually occurs where a person has experienced a single traumatic injury, such as sustaining a hit while playing football or soccer that causes a deep muscle bruise.

It can also happen when there is a repetitive injury to the same area, such as in the thighs of horseback riders. Very rarely, myositis ossificans can occur after a severe muscle strain."

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Femoral Hernia- More likely to present with incarcerations strangulation than inguinal hernias. Strangulation cuts off blood flow which results in ischemia and necrosis (pain/red/swollen), and incarceration results in bowel being trapped in hernia

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