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Welcome to danger_rave’s page.
Contributor score: -2

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 +0  (nbme21#32)
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ud6ib@nmidfuin ,oS I got ot enciloymb ued to r.yMkihScteco niyBcemol nac cusae rhtaynmteppieniog adn oyrnpmula roi,ibsfs nad I iddn’t ahev yna oceisotcnnn ot bhuclimclaro. citnalerhsAncy acn eb eusd orf lla stsro fo mneciialgsan free( alacdrsi llki tlso fo stfuf,) so teh teaxc oicintniads did ssle ofr em to etg ot het rawsne htan it hgmit veah itwh hnaoter gaoycte.r ,1=n btu ’sit not a gcima imtoreanzomi wasern ta a.tels

sbryant6  Correction: SketchyPharm ;) +

 -2  (nbme21#36)
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pMltileu mloemya is na cnpaoesilt rprtlionfoiae of amaslp ecs,ll dna cnsei spalam lcsle don’t aehv rscefau gI dubno lt,ynneai hatt swa eth olyn ute”r“ .ntoipo

seagull  Idiotypic means --- antibody against antibody. B cells don't have surface antibodies but mere synthesize them. +2

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