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Welcome to demihesmisome’s page.
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 +1  (nbme21#8)

So I must have misunderstood - the arcuate arteries are in the cortex which is why I picked cortex - but we're saying the renin will always be highest in the cortex? - p. 564 FA

schep  This was my thinking, too. I didn't think about JG cells or where renal corpuscles are. I picked which part of the kidney is perfused by arcuate artery. I get jittery when I get these questions right for the wrong reason... +1

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submitted by hayayah(1056),
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yotsubato  Note, this is NOT in FA +2  
sbryant6  It is in UWorld. +3  
almondbreeze  it's in FA2019 pg.110 +1  
almondbreeze  but missing the full name for CCR5 +4  
demihesmisome  CXCR4 is also a chemokine receptor. +2  

submitted by hayayah(1056),
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ELPHL mseyr:odn vmH ailetsloedye Es ieLvr zo Lyenewms Petal.tlse

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mambaforstep  FA 2019 pg 629 +2  
qball  One thing I find odd with this question is HELLP is a manifestation of severe preeclampsia but she has had an otherwise unremarkable pregnancy. Shouldn't she have hypertension/edema in regards to her pregnancy beforehand? +  
demihesmisome  Pre-eclampsia, if not severe, can be entirely asymptomatic. +1  
misterdoctor69  Her blood pressure is 164/102, which qualifies her as having preeclampsia. +  

submitted by apurva(68),

The real thing is TSH, T3, T4 and thyroglobulin cannot cross placenta. TRH, Iodine, TSI can cross. If mother has high TSH (considering primary hypothyroidism) —> Poor brain development If mother has TSI (Hashimoto) —> cross the placental barrier —Increase in thyroid gland (May present with stridor at birth.

demihesmisome  Ahhhhh Thank you. This was what I was trying to understand. +  
apurva  please note that free t4 can cross the placenta +1