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Welcome to dorsomedial_nucleus’s page.
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 +0  (nbme21#43)
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drschmoctor  Yes, this is red man syndrome. Mast-cell degranulation directly due to Vancomycin: +

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submitted by yotsubato(968),
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whoissaad  is it the same thing as antigenic variation? +8  
dorsomedial_nucleus  No, antigenic variation involves genomic rearrangement Phase variation can be thought of as MORE or LESS of something. An on/off switch. No DNA is being rearranged, just under or overexpressed in response to the environment. +4  
makinallkindzofgainz  This isn't in Zanki, Lightyear, or First Aid, and I don't remember ever learning about this in class. Thanks NBME! :D +18  
jurrutia  You wouldn't expect the difference in phenotype of a given organism in a given patient to change because of mutations. It has to be something other than mutation. Phase variation is the only option that sounded like non-mutation. +