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FA 2019 p156 Does anyone know how to differentiate the picture labeled Trypanosoma brucei and cruzi?

footballa  This question is likely not important for two reason: They're both Trypansomastigotes, so of course they look almost the same. You can differentiate these two species clinically as they have very little clinical similarity in patient presentation. For these reasons there's little to no reason you would be expected to differentiate these two species by histology alone

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Did anyone need to read that last sentence like 50 times because the author refuses to use better grammar. Just frustrating.

link981  Author rationale: "What is grammar?" +2  
qfever  Did anyone read like 50 times and still get it wrong? (LOL, me) +2  
drbravojose  Actually never understand what the author saying at any time. LOL +  

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Figure 2. although figure 1 looks shockingly similar

drbravojose  genius +