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! I hate these with a burning F***ing passion. Thumbs up if you agree

mcl  Amen brother +  
praderwilli  Every morning: "I think i'll go over glycogen storage diseases, lysosomal storage diseases, and dyslipidemias after questions this afternoon." Every afternoon: Nah +8  
mcl  oh my god are you me +  
praderwilli  I recently found a program called Pixorize. It's pretty much Sketchy for biochem. Wish I discovered it sooner cuz it has helped for a lot of the painful things like this! +3  
tentorium  [special] +  
tentorium  [special] +  
tentorium  [special] +  
drhello  hello +  
burak  Cherry red spot basically means niemann-pick or tay sachs. Two differences between is: 1- No HSM in Tay Sachs, HSM in niemann-pick. 2- Both of them has muscle weakness but there is hyperreflexia in Tay Sachs, but areflexia in niemann pick disease. In stem cell HSM is not described and hyperreflexia noted. +