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The question is asking you how much water must the woman take in to maintain the same osmolality. This woman takes in 450 mOsm of solute per day. This is a unit of measurement -- think of it like grams.

For her to keep the same osmolality she must excrete 450 mOsm per day. The only way for her to excrete the solute is via the kidneys. The only way for her kidneys to excrete 450 mOsm is if they excrete 1 liter of water also. This is the max concentration that her kidneys can produce. (Her kidneys are not “powerful enough” to make her urine any more concentrated than that.)

This woman is also losing another liter of water to feces, sweating and respiration. This is the “insensible water loss”. That means if she losing 1 liter of water to sweat, respiration and feces per day plus 1 liter of water to urine (because she needs to dissolve her solute in something!), for her blood to stay the same osmolality, she must replace the water she lost thus must, at minimum, drink 2 liters of water per day.

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