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This is metabolic acidosis with a HIGH anion gap, this scenario involves the "M" (methanol aka formic acid) in the mnemonic "Mudpiles"

Classic scenario for methanol (as per B&B) is suspected ingestion, suicide, alcoholic.....symptoms include confusion, VISUAL symptoms, HIGH AG metabolic acidosis

Treatment: Inhibit alcohol dehydrogenase or Ethanol

 +0  (nbme20#16)

This pretty much answers 3-4 of the mnemonic for tuberous sclerosis: "HAMARTOMASS"

H-amartomas in CNS and skin/ A-ngiofibromas/ M-itral regurgitation/ A-sh leaf spots (hypopigmented macule) / R-cardiac Rhabdomyoma/ T-uberous Sclerosis/ O-autosomal dOminant/ M-mental retardation / A-renal Angiomyolipoma/ S-eizures/ S-hagreen patches /

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