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Welcome to gandon’s page.
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 -1  (nbme24#25)

erybody out here in med school already took step1 and tryna hospital voluteer to save the world from coronavirus and im just sleeping in and dont know what is a coronavirus

 +0  (nbme24#25)

put bluntly, its palms because it is the whitest part of the body exposed to sun in AA patients

 +0  (nbme24#12)

what the flying fuck..., I put 2 because I forgot what was the conversion a microgram to normal units. Fuck the NBME. Down with the NBME. Proletarians of the world, unite!

 +0  (nbme24#19)

What the fuck kind of question is this? My gut was telling me to ask to examine her with husband present, but logic was telling me that this option was ruled out already by the patient herself in the stem.

She clearly EXPLAINED that she is very religious and does not want a man examining her, despite her explaining that she is bleeding "copiously". There is no option to explain the situation to her that there is only a male doctor present and leave her to decide. So what kind of annoying prick of a doctor would immediately be like "ok so I get that you have just explained to me that you do not want to be examined by a man because you are very religious, I respect that, but can your husband watch as I examine you?" what the fuck does that change? SHE DOES NOT WANT TO BE EXAMINED BY A MAN.

I was just thinking that a nurse is the next best thing you know? a nurse is better than not being examined at all because I assumed she ruled out a man examining her at all.

 +0  (nbme23#34)

what drug acts on C?

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masonkingcobra  Lamin looks like a "cross" and held up Jesus and the basal lamina is super important just like jesus (you bet there are people who believe this) +19  
dr.xx  blasphemy @masonkingcobra +1  
luciana  I clearly confused lamin with laminin, now I know +2  
almondbreeze  FA 2019 pg 48 lamin +1  
almondbreeze  picked tubulin but i guess tubulin makes up microtubules and therefore is spherical +  

anyone else get this wrong while the current coronavirus "pandemic" (acc to some sources) is happening? feeling reaaallll dumb rn

targetmle  yes because i thought they wont give ques on current coronavirus situation so early!! +  
adamventure  I thought to myself "damn it sure would be fuckin hilarious if Coronavirus was the answer".. turns out it was and it wasn't hilarious since I got it wrong. +27  
asdfjkl  no quotes needed for pandemic anymore :( big sad +9  

submitted by sbryant6(135),
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oT emrrebme Bnofaelc is a AAGB tioangsa dan useclm l,arntaex I wasyla khint of r"keeG ".lakvBaa Gkere for AGB,A nad aBvakal for n.lfBeaoc

castlblack  Thanks. Baklava is from Armenia though. Go us +1  
athenathefirst  No it's actually Arabic/Turkish. That's why it's called Baklawa. +1  
lovebug  I don't know if this is right. UMN Lesion (In this case, MS) -> Increased DTR, increased muscle spasicity, and dystonia. If Baclofen stimulate GABA B receptor(it's Gi related PTN) -> neuron become hyperpolar -> decreased excitory glutamte -> muscle relax. +