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Welcome to goodkarmaonly’s page.
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 -2  (nbme23#41)
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 +2  (nbme23#6)
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ls3076  i think asymptomatic is really the key here -- good catch +2

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bigbootycorgi  sorry my bad this was the wrong question i responded to but i still got this one (ED one) and the gynecomastia one wrong i think it's liver for this one because they say it has regenerative potential and because even though the small intestine has regenerative potential, it can apparently fibrose? i have no idea, i put small bowel +  
kateinwonderland  @bigbootycorgi : I put small intestine too. From what I've searched after, it says that liver fibrosis reversible -> no evidence of fibrous scarring +  
goodkarmaonly  Just to add to that, a cirrhotic liver is a small shrunken liver so you wont be able to find hepatomegaly anyways. The other signs are the stigmata of Liver disease +  

submitted by seagull(1087),
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sympathetikey  When the answer is so obvious that you pick a stupid answer instead of it. DOH +25  
jooceman739  Funny thing I noticed is "he is alert and cooperative. He appears to be in pain" So he was so high that he was alert and cooperative during the basal ganglia hemorrhage +4  
yotsubato  @sympathetikey That fucking guy who drinks 2 six packs a day with liver failure got me like that. +1  
yogi  probably the "drug" have to be a stimulant or a hallucinogen which causes HTN & Tachycardia. +2  
charcot_bouchard  Lol. I got the right answer but took long time +  
goodkarmaonly  The patient's B.P. and pulse are raised + Bilateral dilated pupils = Most likely use of a stimulant Thats how I reasoned it anyways +  
llamastep1  Bilateraly messed up pupils = Drugs (most of the time) +  
targetmle  why is there basal ganglia hemorrhage? +  
dul071  Wait! doesn't it take like a week or two to get the results back!?!? i chose to measure catecholamine levels because that may be more timely. but clearly i'm wrong +1  
usmile1  basal ganglia hemorrhage is an intraparenchymal hemorrhage secondary to hypertension. according to FA, this occurs most commonly at the Basal Ganglia (FA19 pg 501) +