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Welcome to happysingh’s page.
Contributor score: 45

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 +10  (nbme24#10)
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pheo isht sehlp enrye,eov vnee the seno ahtt tjus el"ik" inhegtyevr

 +14  (nbme24#17)
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o,s the eKy wosrd ttah no noe is omnegnitni : niccogiumnmat louhascdhyrep

eth ytsphohpa oegs lkei shti :

an nyamlmrofiat etgnsit ie,.(. acbuoiansdrh heaheogrrm) idely sfrsiobi / cnisarrg fo eht andriacoh lrsauotngnai =;tg& mdpairie FSC agnedari

eht yke nistpo / ectnsopc hyet ear gytnir ot stet hree : 1. od oyu nwok hwta cngiutmmioanc yocprseauhhld h(ttowiu tmeh enitlgl uoy ehsto dwos)r .2 do uoy oknw aws'ht eth gotoophsihyplay f(o cnumoincaimgt hyocseauphlr)d is ?

potentialdoctor1  Exactly. To add to this, communicating hydrocephalus can be subdivided as follows: Normal-pressure hydrocephalus: Chronic/gradual decrease in CSF reabsorption at arachnoid granulations, usually due to calcification due to aging. CSF accumulates slowly, so ventricles are able to widen without causing an important increase in intracranial pressure. Symptoms occur due to compression of periventricular white matter tracts ---> Wacky, wobbly, wet High-pressure hydrocephalus: Acute decrease in CSF reabsorption at arachnoid granulations, usually due to inflammatory state in the subarachnoid space (eg, meningitis, sub-arachnoid hemorrhage). CSF accumulates suddenly, causing an acute-onset increase in intracranial pressure +7
sunshinesweetheart  not to take away from your perfect explanations, but if it were a woman with neck stiffness and fever (rather than circle of willis rupture) that could lead to increased CSF production, right? I think that's the only case where CSF production would increase. Also I think decr absorption in arachnoid granulations in that situation as well so it'd be a shit question +
peqmd  If anyone like me also got "decreased absorption in choroid plexus", as their wrong answer it's because the choroid plexus doesn't "absorb" it produces. +9
alienfever  FA 19 p510 +2
alienfever  If anyone chose F, communication hydrocephalus is caused by decreased absorption and not increased production. FA 19 p510. +1
an_improved_me  So she has a leaking aneurysm for how long.. gets it repaired, and then within 2 days has an inflammatory response that leads to decreased CSF absorption at arachnoid granulation... Is it the bleeding associated with the aneurysm causing it? The surgery? I'm inclined to say the latter, given that it happens coincidently after the surgery, and not for however long it was leaking beforehand. Thats what tripping me up. +

 +0  (nbme22#32)
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ialaWreln tennieDoareg : aalnxo igdnnetaereo sdlait to tise fo rinttnoesac + aopxlirm noxlaa ertntaorci

xmtoAyo a(anlxo ntarnsoc-iet) of rlhpeiaepr rsveen rsluste n,i wcSnhan elcls : .a naikbger dnwo imlnye tnio llsma rntgfeams and lefsung ib t. tericgrinu opcarghsame ot pdsieos of laaoxn dbecr i. rnipgcodu rgwhot tcsoafr ot rotpmeo nngeoretaeir of noxas

 +3  (nbme22#43)
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orisetorP rdoc Lnsosei rae ld:leca ailaRd ulPs .lyaPs

uzC Prietroso odcr sah BTHO dlaiRa rNeve ;&pam aAyixlrl verne ap&m; cuz teyh ear eth 2 lmnearti anbsrehc that coem fof het oporirste c,ord os Sx lcidun:e cipstre mp;&a itwsr eakwens,s titnolmisai nfegri nsnoieetx dtnceiia inurjy to ilarad verne is daotlce vebao ierintvnona of tcj nuIprrseiy fo aidral enerv rscuoc in alilax / ebvao knwseaes fo ,sirtw grnief ieosilrayxnelAtx n .N njyrui : eeawsnks fo boniuctad psasl(aiyr of idetodl el)ms,uc nsresoy srlhoeud s.aoyixrlA lsl reevn slao varnteeni esert rmion ucmels.

epHo sthi lphse

 +1  (nbme22#28)
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oooshsrmmcietHa tAou( eResvesic FEH eeGn on 6C.)h asLb :

↑↑ urmeS oIrn &pa;m nireriFt a&;pm ferTsirnarn naaitrstou


 +2  (nbme22#3)
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nIcoijent = ONLY IgG
sV alr O = gGI &;mpa AgI

rlaeohC si ardttnitmse aiv GI ao(rl) urtoe , os 'duoy eden eht gIA enpo,otrcti nesic ist' mltyos gAI atht tesptocr mfro TIG hseogntpa

 +0  (nbme22#1)
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i dnaki of elef dd"o" ksaign tshi unqoties : tub eht tpnieat dha an MI 6 notsmh ,ago os ywh wdoul it be leiynkul atht eh saw ldot ot esrrct"it s,tal cirrtset fdusil etr)(wa " ??

Gsesu wath m'i inagsk is : hwta smeak ceihco E uhcs na llieukny hcoeic (D,VJ -aibsblria c,rselcak riearhlpep m)edea ?

m&;ap iingstmine@ : ihs bp si 8315/2 gmHm ... hyw is atth "IH"GH ??

Subcomments ...

submitted by keycompany(310),
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meagI soshw Ccesrent giSn, a mmcnoo ignfind in nomlabiAd iAtroc emrsyunsA due to arlmu usohmtrb .cclosunio

happysingh  crescent sign is a finding on radiographs that is associated with avascular necrosis, NOT aneurysms !!! what you're seeing is Calcification of wall of the aortic aneurysm +12  
sabistonsurgery  @happysingh - Thank you. You are correct indeed. +  
suckitnbme  Adding on, this patient is a >65 yo Male with a 120 pack year smoking history. Both are significant risk factors for AAA. +  

submitted by whoissaad(82),
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erytrA of udscut erdefens is a abcrnh of neroiif aeclvis r.yaetr So why si B rwn?og

happysingh  the question is asking about "adequate arterial supply" +  
azibird  The artery of the ductus deferens is USUALLY a branch of the SUPERIOR vesical artery, although it can branch from the inferior vesical artery in some individuals. +  
jurrutia  A of ductus deferens would be the direct supply, vesical artery would be indirectly (via a of ductus def) +  

submitted by usmleuser007(396),
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eomS hoter nrnedeoic ilek slcle nad roiderssd fro eerecn:fre

  1. p-ae-ptdpSealrn ahtniocrm (fien lnagaurr acylmsot)p in onrEcdein sutrm:o

  2. deMylualr dhrioyt ciaconram

  3. cirdereoeuonnn htc maoeyopmrorcdmoh toasnu
  4. oCiciadrn Tumor enitron)o(s --- aslo( has esehts of uimnrof s)ecll
  5. lalSm ellC arCocmani fo gsuln = S,mlla ebul setc llwih tcnas mopyaclst dna uaarlrng c=ham)ortin lf,ta vseoaphl-da hli elctsw tascn myoptclas and ohacympecrrith enciul

  6. aSmll lBeu Cslle

  7. Eingw oaarmcs nlpsaatica( amaniglnt tmuro)
  8. CCS of glnsu
  9. tal,f hoadesvlpa- hstelwc li santc spmytaclo nda yhprhrteccaiom uelinc
happysingh  i've never heard of " 6. Small Blue Cells" cancer / tumor / carcinoma .... +1  
niboonsh  might want to look at fa pg 665 +  

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dGoo ctaf ot miomct ot mye:mro ouy oels bcabri ni the otlos hcee(n hyw rhareadi esacus nnoninoa apg lbotiacem osa)i,iscd nda lsepceialy oles osmautpis iwht exailvat aubse (as nenimdtoe ni eht tniquose ) tht-hd-sld--doni./:bewiww-ce-/oscins/eaearrabaaheoiot/ycteralttapmonipmneue.ttcwdtastrl

sbryant6  I'm going to go take a big bicarbonate poop now. +25  
happysingh  i would suggest that you look into it a bit more. Why ? Had an nbme question (which confused the shit out of me) cuz, Bluemic Pt. who was abusing Laxatives (had the up & down arrows) and this is what it gave : Laxative Abuse — Metabolic Alkalosis :   ↓K+     ↑Cl-                   ↑pH    ↓HCO3- so one of the points of distinction IS the increase in Cl- with laxative abuse (vs. vomiting, which was a knee-jerk reaction when i hear bulimia) +2  
lola915  I thought diarrhea causes Non anion gap metabolic acidosis @happysingh +1  
texasdude4  easy way to remember : "Bicarb out the Butt" +