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Welcome to hpkrazydesi’s page.
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submitted by joker4eva76(25),
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hpkrazydesi  How did you know that this wasnt oral hairy leukoplakia? just from the picture? +1  
nwinkelmann  To piggyback off of @hpkrazydesi, you ruled out oral hairy leukoplakia because the patient was seeing the doctor for normal health maintenance, i.e. not immunocompromised, I'm assuming. +2  
dentist  @nwinkelmann thats correct! my time to shine. +  

submitted by welpdedelp(216),
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No itde diy,ccefnie eht ettnapi had cessxe eoaentcr ude to ihs dite

sympathetikey  Would never have thought of that. Thanks +8  
medschul  that's messed up dog +18  
hpkrazydesi  Excess carotene in what way? sorry if thats a stupid question +  
davidw  this is directly from Goljan "Dietary β-carotenes and retinol esters are sources of retinol. β-carotenes are converted into retinol. (a) Increased β-carotenes in the diet cause the skin to turn yellow (hypercarotenemia). Sclera remains white, whereas in jaundice the sclera is yellow, which can be used to distinguish the two conditions. (c) Vitamin toxicity does not occur with an increase in serum carotene" +7  
davidw  β-Carotenes are present in dark-green and yellow vegetables. +  
hyperfukus  ohhhh hellllll no +7  
dashou19  When I was a little kid, I like to eat oranges, like I could eat 10 oranges at once, and after a few days, I could tell that I turned yellow... +6  
cbreland  I'm okay with missing this one +4