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Clinical vignette is leading to GBM(astrocyte origin)....not sure about the gross picture.....

Don't know what if such questions appear on real exam😑😑😑

htballer55  I felt the same way. but if you look at autopsy pics on google, you see the meningioma is like a ball coming out of the meninges. compare that to glioblastoma which is within the brain in cerebral hemispheres. so it's mainly one tumor is coming out of the brain and the other is inside the cerebral hemispheres. that's the best i can come up with. but it's confusing +  

I think the increase in plasma renin activity with NSAIDs has to do with inhibition of efferent artery dilation by prostaglandins (PGE2), since that's what NSAIDs do by inhibiting COX. This decreased renal blood flow leads to RAAS activation to conserve water and ultimately renin increases.

htballer55  Afferent artery dilation* +5  
link981  There is decreased afferent renal artery dilation (less blood flow) leads to increased renin release from the juxtaglomerular cells (located near the afferent artery) to try to increase blood flow. I got it wrong but after reviewing saw my idiotic mistake. +1