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This is a picture of Giardia lamblia… caused by drinking contaminated water with cysts.

Multinucleated trophozoites

Rx -- Metronidazole -- forms toxic free radical metabolites in the bacterial cell that damage DNA = BACTERICIDAL

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pg 607 FA -- Cleft lip & cleft palate have distinct, multifactorial etiologies, but often occur together

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The question is asking if you did an immunohistochemical labeling of the neoplasm what are you going to target with the use of antibodies. Basically you want the antibodies you have labeled binding to what?

Since this is ZES -- a gastrin secreting tumor -- you want antibodies to gastrin to see where exactly this tumor is coming from

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I think it has to do with the surgery. Getting a gastric bypass or bariatric surgery means you no longer allowing contents to pass through the duodenum. So that would mean if you had a starchy meal you would not be able to release the appropriate enzymes from the pancreas to allow for digestion.

Please correct me if I'm wrong!

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In 2019 FA Strawberry hemangioma -- it appears early in life, grows rapidly and regresses spontaneously by 5-8 years old

So in 5 years this hemangioma will spontaneously involute

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