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Welcome to ilovemypuppies2295’s page.
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 +0  (nbme20#29)

What makes this coxsackie virus over Adenovirus? Both cause myocarditis which would be seen on autopsy? Is it just more common to get coxsackie?

drdoom  the general consensus appears to be that Coxsackie is more common than Adenovirus, but i haven’t come across any papers or textbooks that would agree (they only mention “Coxsackie” and “Adenovirus” as associations with myocarditis) +1
bharatpillai  there specifically is a question on uworld in which a young woman gets viral myocarditis with sore throat and the answer to that is adenovirus. i think thats why many people (including me) got it wrong :( +

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whoissaad  Made the same mistake +6  
targetusmle  i thought exactly the same!! 2 cells looked like tear drop cells :/ +2  
ilovemypuppies2295  I thought there were tear drop cells too. Seemed like it should be a metaplasia then. Oh well +  
lynn  I did the same, but looking at FA19 pg 423 it says "ineffective hematopoiesis --> defects in cell maturation of nonlymphoid lineage." You can get bilobed neutrophils, or if it progressed to AML you'd see auer rods. Nothing about tear drop cells. Then on pg 406 tear drop cells would be seen in myelofibrosis, and possibly thalassemias +  
waterloo  I thought the same, but I think that would be myelofibrosis, not myelodysplastic. Hb is really high here too. Pretty tricky for them to put that there, easy knee jerk. +1  
jawnmeechell  Interestingly enough, agnogenic myeloid metaplasia is the old name for myelofibrosis, with "agnogenic" being synonymous with "idiopathic." (or did everyone already know this) +