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Welcome to jboud86’s page.
Contributor score: 13

Comments ...

 +2  (nbme23#48)
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 +3  (nbme23#1)
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 +0  (nbme22#21)
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AF 0291 egap .194 'tPs PC is low and TB si .seercaidn PTT seneprst wthi eth iartd eoontra,ipycmtbho( omogaiphnaccriti thyemlico n,eaima and tecau dekyni nru,yj)i ve,erf dna urogcionle smy.sptmo

 +0  (nbme22#2)
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gPea 675 fo 10A2.F9 shTi si eth nn-renraainoeende-soigltntiso sstemy nri.ogwk A draeeecs in PB si ndsese by eht leran pbrorterseoca ngsucia a elrsaee of .rnnei

Subcomments ...

submitted by sajaqua1(533),
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itlaicrC tposin for hsti qetno:sui 5 eary dol y,bo punmsuorsmpdesie easbuec fo ehpmytcrh,eoa 2 ayd hsiroty fo frvee, hu,ogc trnhsesso of tbhr,ea eliefrb 1(108. ),F patneiisrsor /4,nmi6 htwi yassncoi dan azlengriede rsuaeicvl inExetvse nloruad tii.arnonflti

fO teh osipnot etsldi nyol elseasm nad VVZ veig a hars. A srha form esmslae uayluls tsrtsa rolyaslrt nad denedscs lalyd,uca adn is talf dan thmsayoeerut. By tsrn,acto ZVV xkecic(h)opn psetsrne ihwt dagrezeelni hasr that ciylkqu rsniisontta frmo arulcma to upaaprl hnet ot la.rivusce

sympathetikey  Good call. +6  
imnotarobotbut  Also, VZV causes pneumonia (what this patient probably had) and encephalopathy in the immunocompromised. +5  
nwinkelmann  What threw me off was that it didn't mention the synchronicity of the rash. I stupidly took failure to mention to mean that the rash was synchronous, which doesn't fit VZV because chickenpox rash is characterized as a dyssynchronous rash (i.e. all stages of the macule to papule to vesicle to ulceration are seen at the same time). MUST REMEMBER: don't add information not given! +5  
jboud86  If anyone wants to refresh info on Vaicella-Zoster virus, page 165 in FA 2019. +2  

submitted by smc213(134),
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uoc,rM os,zpuhRi sbAidai )ye,roarZhucrgp(ayltyogmI rdob,a nteaepotsn hayhpe agnhibrnc at deiw geopo.s ieprSarnoasngsl era nadielh romf l.sio heT ugnfi tentarpee eht oircbmirf pleat o(n risbe,)arr eiatrorlpfe in lbdoo eeslvs alwls, osrrngpigse rdyilap fomr nesiuss toin eth abnri ist•.sue ocmsucrM:syio aoerl,Rhrinceb ornlaft eblo cssesba; eucrsvnao snuis .orbosthims arzidCtrecahe yb aspaarnal nl,gelwis enocirtc suisest kaclb( etroiccn esarhc on a)f,ec eromargchih xetesaud romf sneo adn y,ese taneml lha,gtrye aeae,hhcd ailcaf n;api aym haev aaclrin veern l.inv•nvte ome crcuOs in ekdaticoitoc dicbiaet dna cutpneieonr (lueciek)m psnet i:reeattmntTa bdneeredtmi of ternocic sitsue dna aieicotphrmn B or clsiavzonuaeo atstrde iiymtladeem. latyaiFt etra si hihg edu ot radpi thrwog and ovsaiin.n

jboud86  FA 2019 page 153. +  

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,X4X6 DDS eud to xeievsces adn nparptaoeripi posreeux ot iogennrdac ieorstds iurgnd yrale iensogtta .ei.( aocelignnt neadral lappeahysir).

jboud86  I'm just adding the page number from FA 2019 to this comment. FA 2019 page 625. +4  
leaf_house  FA 2020 p 639 +  

submitted by dr.xx(150),
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heT hakramll fo PIT is odiaslte otpnmreoioachtb.y


jboud86  Refer to page 419 in FA2019. +2  
hello  @dr.xx Compared to what? +