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Welcome to jean_young2019’s page.
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 +0  (nbme18#30)

Could someone explain why this choice is the best answer? I struggled between A and D, and picked A finally, which is "ascertain educational level and provide publications".

donttrustmyanswers  It isn't A, because research shows that understanding of information (i.e. eating good and exercising) isn't enough to cause change. Why it is Provide F/U, over support group, IDK. +4
thisshouldbefree  because it says "refer" and u never refer +

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Mitpulel ctneonisfi. Asssee.bcs neTh uyo reah cdaeseerd dtoveiiax rtsub nda idyiatemlem htkin PHNDA eaoxdsi ccfnieidey aak irncohC tlounrsamaogu aesised, cihwh suseca ertrucenr esofagc-nsrbsim scfiinneot ude to het biaiytinl to kill iesdetgn rssgnaoim cbseuea of hte ytliiiban ot tagneree dseeuorxpi dacsrail.

jean_young2019  Then why the choice D, “Inability of leukocytes to ingest microorganisms“, is incorrect?Moreover, Staphylococcus aureus is not an intracellular microorganism. Thank you for your help! +  
houseppary  Because in CGD, the macrophages are capable of taking in bacteria but aren't able to do the oxidative burst required to actually kill them. So the macrophages just house live bacteria which leads to granulomas full of walled-off but not dead bacteria. And S. aureus isn't intracellular as part of its normal life cycle, but being eaten by a macrophage isn't part of its normal life cycle. Whether an organism gets eaten by a macrophage isn't part of the consideration of whether it's intracellular. +5  

submitted by flashvoyger(20),
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hTe tinouqes is agiksn uoy who cuhm wtrea sumt teh anomw atek ni ot nintaaim eht easm tlloya.osim sTih mwnoa tseka ni 405 mOms of ostleu pre ay.d hsTi is a nuit of euraeemtsnm -- hkint of it keil

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Tsih nwmoa si olsa glsoni nhetora telri of tewar to sf,ece eawntsgi dan rips.nrateoi hiTs si hte eneisnilb“s twaer olss”. haTt eanms fi ehs osngli 1 erlit of wtear to wsae,t ptorsaieirn dan sefec per ayd upls 1 terli fo wrtea ot eiurn bes(ceua hes sdene to isldosve ehr seoltu in )!inmoeg,hts for erh bdloo to ytsa het mase o,aismtolyl hse tums claerpe the atewr esh lots usht ,tmsu ta mminm,ui dknir 2 isrtel fo wtrae epr ay.d

jean_young2019  great explanation!Thank you! +  

submitted by mattnatomy(41),
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I eeebvli eyr'the rrigfener ot opinsrmeosc of brcaenhs fo eht alinolngiuIi eervN lpisyb(so the eoAritrn Slctoar Nersve.

:oSecur sn/awseieirsktnoiiptd/g_itrei_:.Ahtlnrwvk//oercpo.era

armymed88  Ilioingual covers part of the medial thigh, base of penis and anterior scrotum Posterior scrotal nerves are a branch of pudendal and cover said area Doral nerves cover the dorsum of the penis which are also from the pudendal +1  
meningitis  I thought it was the Genitofemoral nerve because the genital branch supplies the cremaster and scrotal skin, but I looked it up and: The genital branch passes through the *deep inguinal ring* and enters the inguinal canal; also, Ilioinguinal wraps around the spermatic cord just like the question stem says. +1  
jean_young2019  "The structures which pass through the canals differ between males and females: in males: the spermatic cord[6] and its coverings + the ilioinguinal nerve." from wiki "Inguinal canal", which means the ilioinguinal nerve lies on the external surface of spermatic cord. The contents of spermatic cord includes, "nerve to cremaster (genital branch of the genitofemoral nerve) and testicular nerves (sympathetic nerves). It is worth noting that the ilio-inguinal nerve is not actually located inside the spermatic cord, but runs along the outside of it, in the inguinal canal." from wiki spermatic cord. +1  

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owH si tshi teh ewnars fi rhtee si on laiyfm tryiohs fo recrruent esfrcaut?r I hthtogu oesgstesoeni ecrpfaimet wsa alaotmsou omntdan?i

seagull  Exactly!! it's an autosomal dominate disease! +7  
emcee  Autosomal dominant diseases are variably expressive. Still, I think this was a badly written question (should have given us some family history). +  
wutuwantbruv  Also, FA says that fractures may occur during the birthing process, which is what I believe they were going for. I don't believe these findings would be seen at birth with any of the other choices. +  
d_holles  Yeah I thought I outsmarted NBME by selecting Rickets bc it said no family history ... guess I got played lol. +9  
jean_young2019  Could it be a sporadic cases? Spontaneous Mutation This is a change in a gene that occurs without an obvious cause, in a family where there is no history of the particular gene mutation. OI is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait. Approximately 35% of cases have no family history and are called "sporadic" cases. In sporadic cases, OI is believed to result from a spontaneous new mutation. +6  
avocadotoast  Amboss says the severe subtypes (types II, III) of OI are usually due to a new (sporadic) mutation in COL1A1 or COL1A2, while patients with the mild forms (types I, IV) typically have a parent with the condition. +  

submitted by wired-in(59),
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ianteeacnMn sode lmofrau is Css( × lC × tau) ÷ F

erehw Css si tyeatste-dsa etagtr asmlap c.ocn fo d,ugr Cl si a,crclanee tua is agseod tvlarnei m&p;a F is voyt.iaalbliiiba

riNehte sdgaoe letvrnia onr babtyliviliaoai si igven, so ngroiing seoth p&;ma iglpgugn in het mrnsbue cefu(lra to ceorvnt nsuti ot yk)d/mgg/:a

=2(1 um/gL × 1 /m100g0 )ug × 09.0( L/hkr/g × 0001 mL/1 L × 24 1rh/ dy)a
= 259.2 g/gayk/md

ch..iwh. stni' any fo het erwnas ocihesc sid.etl yThe tmus ahve dduoren 0.09 //hkgLr ot 10. g/hrkL/, dna ndgoi so veigs taceylx 82.8 ggmk/a/dy ocie(hc )C

lispectedwumbologist  That's so infuriating I stared at this question for 20 minutes thinking I did something wrong +50  
hyoid  ^^^^^ +11  
seagull math never worked either. I also just chose the closest number. also, screw this question author for doing that. +6  
praderwilli  Big mad +7  
ht3  this is why you never waste 7 minutes on a question.... because of shit like this +8  
yotsubato  Why the FUCK did they not just give us a clearance of 0.1 if they're going to fuckin round it anyways... +13  
bigjimbo  JOKES +1  
cr  in ur maths, why did u put 24h/1day and not 1day/24h? if the given Cl was 0.09L/hr/kg. I know it just is a math question, but i´d appreciate if someone could explain it. +1  
d_holles  LMAO games NBME plays +1  
hyperfukus  magic math!!!!! how TF r we supposed to know when they round and when they don't like wtf im so pissed someone please tell me step isn't like this...with such precise decimal answers and a calculator fxn you would assume they wanted an actual answer! +1  
jean_young2019  OMG, I've got the 25.92 mg/kg/day, which isn't any of the answer choices listed. So I chose the D 51.8, because 51.8 is double of 25.9......I thought I must have make a mistake during the calculation ...... +5  
atbangura  They purposely did that so if you made a mistake with your conversion like I did, you might end up with 2.5 which was one of the answer choices. SMH +1  
titanesxvi  I did well, but I thought that my mistake was something to do with the conversion and end up choosing 2.5 because it is similar to 25.92 +1  
makinallkindzofgainz  The fact that we pay these people 60 dollars a pop for poorly formatted and written exams boggles my mind, and yet here I am, about to buy Form 24 +10  
qball  Me after plugging in the right numbers and not rounding down : +1  
frustratedllama  Not only do you feel like you're doing sth wrong but then that feeling stays for other questions. sucks so baad +  
fexx  'here.. take 50mg of vyvanse.. I just rounded it up from 30.. dw you'll be fine' (totally doing this with my patients 8-)) +1