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submitted by sajaqua1(471),
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D dan G ntsrepree teh llretaa iiotcnlmhaaps tact.r It si onerpeislbs rfo niap adn amptterruee ciucndn.oot eTh puitn rsseia ni a mibl ftle( oelrw mtxyetier in siht es,c)a retnse utrhgho the osrlda otor tr(udpcie wtbeene J dna ,H) sdceussaet dan saesndc ta eth rtrnioea sromcusime sj(tu hebidn E nad F), and iylfnla pnesyass on hte second rdreo nruneo ni het tlealar thspiaconlaim So het ciisnpahtmloa ctrat si besonlrepsi fro rltloaraenatc naip nad emureetratp tsoanies.n eaesBuc uro titpaen sah otsl sinnetsao no teh le,tf the elsnio is in eth htri.g

E nda F ear the oairnetr ccloaotrpinsi ttcra. tI is ilevdvon ni trmoo rnocolt of lpmxario mescslu, ylaltcpyi fo teh rk.tun

nor16  good job +5  
jimdooder  Pretty infuriating that this question has the standard R and L label while the other spinal cord question had it flipped. +3  
larry  A and J represent the gracile fasciculus, while B and I represent the cuneate fasciculus. Together they make up the dorsal column-medial lemniscal tract, responsible for pinpoint perception, proprioception, vibration, and pressure. Input is ipsilateral. C and H make up the lateral corticospinal tract (also called the lateral cerebrospinal fasciculus), responsible for motor command of ipsilateral limbs. +1  
larry  D and G represent the lateral spinothalamic tract. It is responsible for pain and temperature conduction. The input arises in a limb (left lower extremity in this case), enters through the dorsal root (pictured between J and H), decussates and ascends at the anterior commissure (just behind E and F), and finally synapses on the second order neuron in the lateral spinothalamic tract. So the spinothalamic tract is responsible for contralateral pain and temperature sensation. Because our patient has lost sensation on the left, the lesion is in the right. E and F are the anterior corticospin +1  

submitted by hayayah(994),
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oicarCnb easrdahny irbintoshi ,g(e cteoa)amadzile nad lpoo irsuidtce g(,e euo)imfesdr ear ohhuttg ot xtree herti ftfece no PIC by encdiugr neileasbrrpco iulfd S)FC( nriotcupdo ta teh ihoocdr pseul.x

Gogoel ayss einmmasch is nnwoukn .LLO

usmleuser007  Just FYI: Mannitol can also be used to reduce ICP by drawing free water out of CNS Howeveer, it can cause hypernatremia, pulmonary edema, and expansion of ECV can exacerbate heart failure +3  
jimdooder  I think a good way to remember this is that CA inhibitors have very similar effects in the eye (reducing production of aqueous humor) as they do in the ventricles (decrease production of CSF). Can't say I totally understand the mechanisms but thats the connection I made. +2  

submitted by monkd(17),
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mA I rcyaz ro idd Urdowl ton eavh a tesuqnio that taesdt inattsS era het smot effceevit drgu sesagrredl of ielasnbe .idlips Tish ligco rhtew ym .off

adisdiadochokinetic  You are not crazy. I got this question wrong for the same reason but here's why I think NBME was going with fibrates. You can use the Friedewald equation to calculate LDL cholesterol from the values they give. This equation is LDL= Total Cholesterol-HDL Cholesterol-(Triglycerides/5). The Triglycerides/5 term is an estimate for VLDL. If you calculate it in this case you get an LDL of 120 which is firmly normal and thus the patient would ostensibly not benefit from statin therapy. +13  
hello36654  omg when the hell am I going to remember this equation? Jesuusssssss, this kind of details makes me want to give up on STEP +3  
almondbreeze  Her goal LDL should still be <100, bc she has 3 CHD risk equivalents ( CHD risk equivalent=the major risk factors that modify LDL goals 1) age(M>45, F>55), 2) smoking status, 3) hypertension(>140/90), 4) ow HDL level (<40), and 5) family history. ( +  
almondbreeze  *low HDL level (refer to table 3 of the article) +  
makinallkindzofgainz  These guys are hitting up attending-level cardiovascular risk factor calculations, meanwhile I picked statins because I think I remember that they help the heart +10  
jimdooder  So I ended up going with fibrates because of her age (39). I vaguely remember being taught that statins are really only recommended for patients >40 because the big study that came out about them was in the 40-75 age group. I think this might contribute to the question but I'm not totally sure. +  
ytho  This question inspired my screen name +1  
cbreland  "Statins are always the answer", "Fat Female 40 Fertile", "Fibrates can cause gallstones". I feel lied to +  

submitted by seagull(1165),
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Tshi tafinn sha gnoexy xiicttyo ued to eerf cliadar eFer icadlrsa gmeada eth glnu mcyhaaernp edngila to rfoibssi and ssdylipaa mbnlo(ara gt)h.wor

link981  Per American Lung Association: Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) is a form of chronic lung disease that affects newborns (mostly premature) and infants. It results from damage to the lungs caused by mechanical ventilation (respirator) and long-term use of oxygen. Most infants recover from BPD, but some may have long-term breathing difficulty. + Prematurely born infants have very few tiny air sacs (alveoli) at birth. The alveoli that are present tend to not be mature enough to function normal, and the infant requires respiratory support to breathe. Although life-saving, these treatments can also cause lung damage. +2  
jimdooder  Just to follow up on the concept, you would prevent this from occurring by decreasing the Fi02 to mid-low 90s. I believe this is tested on another form. +