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Welcome to joyceeepan’s page.
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submitted by sweetmed(144),
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bronchophony  Why not complement activation? +1  
joyceeepan  the way i though about it was: you need antibodies (IgG/IgM) to activate the complement system. But there's no such a thing as an anti-gout antibody. (and it is not an infection neither) +1  
an_improved_me  Thats not exactly true for a couple reasons. I saw a UWorld question that said something along the lines of an ApoProtein being useful b/c it binds the urate crystals, and makes it less likely for the crystals to be opsinized/recognized by neutrophils. Therefore, Abs do play a role. Secondly, you can have activation of coplement via the alternative pathway, which does not require ABs. +  

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linwanrun1357  why not triptans? +5  
joyceeepan  the girl has tension headache. Triptans is not a drug of choice. NSAID, Acetaminophen, (or TCA for prophylaxis) +3  
vsn001  but question asks which drug she should take to /treat/ her headache? -> I fell into sumatriptan cause I know it didn't have prophylactic indications but more of a treatment. idk, was between the acetaminophen and sumatriptan, and would appreciate if someone can tell me why acetaminophen is the move for this patient. +2  
texasdude4  for HA treatment you want to start off conservative anyway w/ Tylenol / NSAIDs before you move on to triptans. That and triptans are not used for tension HA +  
jurrutia  Triptans are used for migraine headaches by causing trigeminal vasoconstriction. They are not analgesics. +