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Welcome to justherefortheyield’s page.
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 +2  (nbme23#25)

Per multiple sources: measles can be vesicular and also can lead to giant cell pneumonia in the immunocompromised. ?!?!?!?

elephantbuddy  I was stuck on that too, but I think that measles more commonly presents with a maculopapular rash whereas a vesicular rash is more typical of VZV. +2

 +0  (nbme23#46)

Couldn't hypoalbuminemia lead to hypercholesterolemia? I recall sittar talking about this in the context of proteinuria but couldn't this still apply?

frustratedllama  I thought so too but did a little digging and turns out this happens in nephrotic syndrome bc low oncotic pressure directly stimulates apolipoprotein B synthesis. They still don't know why lol. But in burn victims there's actually increased lipid metabolism, so nothing to do with hypercholesterolemia. +

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taWh btauo hte dlindiaoat folw utgohhr the mcfeurlxc?i

maddy1994  exactly man i got 4.5 and i thought he asked ventricle and left circumflex should be there so i put 5 ...glad someone thought like me.i was just cursing myself for over thinking. +9  
djtallahassee  Yea put 5 here too. they are essentially saying the myocardial oxygen supply to the left ventricle comes from the LAD. Not sure if true or not but figured that the LCX would at least contribute 20% of the blood +  
justherefortheyield  100% agree. This is definitely a better answer. I assumed the # would be beyond 5 but that it was closest to the right value. +