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Welcome to karthvee’s page.
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submitted by dbg(114),
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TWF is skae"snwe of lptaarn iisdoxlrofne" ????? ti's kiel iygsan o"eetxnisn iTfin "oelshx si tno teh nloy bosoivu etnchialc smkitae ni het wne MNBEs ...

karthvee  loool +2  
yex  Funny Board!! Yeahhhhh +  

submitted by kchakhabar(34),
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eTh way I cpehdaopra siht prelmob ,asw coernpsaizhhi sot'edn hvea a cearl anettrp fo reeihica.ntn gAomn eht itopon ,echsico ylno Type 1 MD e'tsdno ahev a eacrl inactnirhee ntpraet g(:e CF is utoa revsesiec, reaiFlg X si X,D dna so )o.n

karthvee  lol same here +  

submitted by lsmarshall(347),
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CAP eksort can secau "ioaoaspgnosrp" which is hte nylitiaib to cenieorzg arafilim secf.a usaCde by letairbla isnlsoe fo suvali ictnaisooas era,sa hchiw era sautedti in eth fireionr coaolteoptimrcpi cteorx msiuf(fro r) eTh bliyiat ot enam parts fo teh cfea e(,..g e,ons thmuo) or edifytin daidnsiuliv by eorht uesc ,..e(g hincltgo, esocv)i is left tnaic.t

uoitWth ngownki ta,ht nbermrgeime ipaccotli elob is ndlevoiv in uvlas'i fftus' oarldby, ignnlcidu gaiem ronciegsps adn hsti ptaietn si niagvh suises thwi iutrasdngndne egiasm ldoush eb egouhn to teg to teh nserwa.

gonyyong  Lol I guessed it exactly because of that +2  
sympathetikey  Never heard of that one before. Thanks! +1  
karthvee  This is not prosopagnosia, but instead a case of apperceptive agnosia. Wiki: "...patients are more effective at naming two attributes from a single object than they are able to name one attribute on each of the two superimposed objects. In addition they are still able to describe objects in detail and recognize objects by touch." Although, lesions tend to be in the occipito-parietal area so PCA again is the answer! +2  
misterdoctor69  I actually think it's both prosopagnosia AND apperceptive agnosia. She is neither able to recognize her mother's FACE nor is she able to recognize objects w/o the help of other senses (apperceptive agnosia) +  
nifty95  Yea couldn't remember the exact name but I just thought of three pathways (visual, somatosensation, and auditory) all converging somewhere/processor (probably somewhere in the temporal lobe...hippocampus?). Beyond the point, the pathways converge to an area which culminates in recognition. Cut off one of the routes (in this case visual), the other two will still work. How is visual cut off? By the PCA not supplying the area leading to neuronal death resulting in varying loss of visual function depending on the area in the occipital lobe. +