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  • APocrine = your armpits smell like an APE
  • ceRUMen = there’s no ROOM in your ears since they’re full of wax
  • EC-CRYne = when you ECercise, your pores are CRYing
  • SEBaceous = SEBum is SEEPing out of your pores

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I don’t think it was cavitary; I think that was just the bronchus. I think abscesses tend to be smaller, and wouldn’t affect the surrounding parenchyma much. I wasn’t super confident in picking squamous cell carcinoma, but I did know that squamous cell carcinoma tends to be a centrally-located lung tumor.

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I just remember Sattar saying MVP tends to be asymptomatic. Also, I think the kid complained specifically of coughing, and that made me really lean away from MVP.