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Shouldn't the treatment for hyperTG be a fibrates? Which would indicate the answer to be increasing HDL (FA.2017 p306)

I see decreasing VLDL as a function of niacin, which serves to decrease hepatic VLDL..

keycompany  Fibrates inhibit VLDL secretion (by inhibiting 7-a Hydroxylase) and they increase HDL. However, this patient has chronic pancreatitis, which decreases enzymes that allow for fat absorption. Because a large portion of HDL is synthesized in enterocytes from newly absorbed fat, HDL content is unlikely to increase in patients with chronic pancreatitis from any of the lipid-lowering agents. Hope this helps! +2  
mr_haib  fibrates cause decreased VLDL as well as niacin. They increase the activity of LpL by activating PPARa causing increase catabolism of VLDL and chylomicrons. since VLDL are rich in triglycerides, this is how they decrease triglycerides. +  
lordxrequiem  but fibrates also decrease bile acid production by inhibiting 7alpha hydroxylase, which is how they cause increased cholesterol gallstones. +