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Welcome to macrohphage95’s page.
Contributor score: 7

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 +2  (nbme23#48)

MDMA is the only hallucinogen that has sympathetic activity as it is derived from methamphethamines ( look at its name) ... that explains everything.

tyrionwill  Yes, good point to remember. In the category of FA stimulants, 2 agents has sympathetic activity: 1)MDMA; 2)PCP +
jackie_chan  Basically how I solved it, all the other drugs are downers +
jackie_chan  Even tho ketamine has sympathomemetic effects, they would be widly tripping, they dont call it falling into a K-hole for nothing. +

 +1  (nbme23#3)

my understanding of the question is that he is asking about the cause of neonatal hypoglycemia.

as you know insulin will be high prenatally due to hyperglycemia and high levels will persists.

so if you think about hypoglycemia...the normal response for the glycogen concentration is to decrease (as well as glycogen synthase) and the gluconeogenesis to increase. so a person with impaired gluconeogenesis (which is abnormal) is more likely to develop hypoglycemia

 +0  (nbme23#4)

Hypoglycemia is a frequently encountered complication in falciparum malaria that is usually ascribed to increased glucose use and impaired glucose production caused by the inhibition of gluconeogenesis.

from trends in parasitology:

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submitted by keycompany(269),
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ishT nam is ,usenailhrdmo etdamuoes, ,tacehcic adn sha mmuneypbiaalh.oi eesTh ccnaliil fdngisni npiot ot neporit tatrumliinon awr(ohkKais iD)saees, hwich suceas emead edu ot seerdeacd umesr oinccto speerrsu. Low ntccooi esuesrpr in tsih easc is due ot renpoti lsos, dna cheen a gnaieetv ntierogn

drdoom  Nice! +8  
dubywow  I knew your last sentence and suspected Kwashiorkor. It's just everything else I did not know. I have not heard or thought of muscle/protein changes in terms of "nitrogen balance" before... and that's why I got this wrong. Nice explanation! +3  
macrohphage95  I agree with you in first part but i dont think it has any relation to kwashirkor. It is simply due to cachexia which causes muscle destruction through the proteasome pathway .. +3  
zevvyt  also, it says that his albumin is low. +  

submitted by hayayah(994),
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ooalombC si an yee niyobmalrta ttah ucoscr roebef rb.thi Trhye'e nsmiigs escpie fo siuest ni ecuurtsrts thta fmor the

  • sCamoolbo aiftcenfg eht isi,r wihch etlurs ni a elkoh""ye epraaaepnc fo teh plpu,i rylenealg od tno aled to isinvo o.ssl

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  • Lerag intelar lscoobamo ro hetos igffetanc teh otcip nrvee acn auesc low ,siiovn cwhih msean siinov osls atht tannoc be ylpoeemclt ceotrderc whit essalsg or tatconc sensel.

mousie  thanks for this explanation! +  
macrohphage95  can any one explain to me why not lens ? +  
krewfoo99  @macrophage95 Lens are an interal part of the refractive power of the eye. Without the lens the image would not be formed on the retina, thus leading to visual loss +4  
qfever  Do anyone know why not choroid? +1  
adong  @qfever, no choroid would also be more detrimental to vision since it supplies blood to the retina +2  
irgunner  That random zanki card with colobomas associated with a failure of the choroid fissure to close messed me up +7  
mnemonicsfordayz  Seems like the key to this question is in what is omitted from the question stem: there is no mention of vision loss. If we assume there is no vision loss, then we can eliminate things associated with visual acuity (weird to think of in 2 week old but whatever): C, D, E, F. Also, by @hayayah 's reasoning, we eliminate E & F. If you reconsider the "asymmetric left pupil" then the only likely answer between A & B is B, Iris because the iris' central opening forms the pupil. I mistakenly put A because I was thinking of the choroid fissure and I read the question incorrectly - but it's a poorly worded question IMO. +  
mamed  Key here is that it doesn't affect vision- the only thing would be the iris. All others are used in vision. Don't have to know what a coloboma actually is. +1  
azibird  The extra section of that Zanki card specifically says that a coloboma "can be seen in the iris, retina, choroid, or optic disc." Don't you dare talk trash about Zanki! +1  

submitted by sympathetikey(1018),
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iohceC A. uwldo heva been rctoecr if ihts iaenptt aws mioom.cirmemnsdupo erP rstFi di,A "fI 4CD 0,;l&0t1 neio..g.rat:dliFaBslnn cietNhouirlp .Ianfamlmntoi

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yotsubato  Everyones choice A is different. +  
sugaplum  they mean- Diffuse neutrophil infiltration +1  
macrohphage95  what does stellate necrotizng granuloma means ? +1  
krisgsxr600  always with the details! losing dumb points :( +1  
futuredoc12345  @sympathetikey Doesn't the biopsy finding vary with the biopsy location: Lymph nodes have stellate granulomas and Bacillary Angiomatosis (skin lesion) has neutrophilic inflammation. What do you think? +  
chextra  @sympathetikey Pathoma chapter 2 says cat scratch disease forms non-caseating granulomas +1  
almondbreeze  @ chextra Same with FA 2019 pg. 218 +1  
almondbreeze  Sketchy micro: Immunocompetent: regional LN in axilla in one arm (like our pt here) Immunocompromised: bacillary angiomatsis is transmitted by cat scratches +