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Welcome to medstudent65’s page.
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submitted by strugglebus(154),
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As na 80i0t ,e1:10d poplee otprrdee to ehva esid ftefsec nwhe ktigna lyohcHoozrid. greiohnamdAt ht,em 25 eepopl (.)0%20 eahv sBrtea rhdegisac

neonem  I think the best way to answer this question was by process of elimination. +1  
sympathetikey  That's some bullshit lol +4  
karljeon  Haha I eliminated the answer by process of elimination. +18  
medschul  I eliminated thiazides by process of elimination :( +1  
medstudent65  Shit I eliminated thiazides because of elimination went with HTN thinking intercranial bleed effecting the pituitary +1  

submitted by monoloco(125),
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I hvae rgdaerde prcustie sa eth bnugbir of o-nboo.-nbnee yM tsudy eaprrtn adn I nkthi iths si a lurpye nnifoidteila uot.nqsei Ys,e etsupcri oldcu olsa be rpapted i.ra t,Cnxeto I ussge.

medstudent65  Crepitus is used to describe bone-on-bone grinding. Subcutaneous crepitus is very specific sound referencing air finding its way into the skin which you can hear but also feel by rubbing your hand over the affected area. The addition of subcutaneous lets you know we are specifically talking about air in the skin. +1  
len49  You may also see the word in regards to gas gangrene (C. perfringens soft tissue infection) FA 2019 pg 138 +1  

submitted by gasngo711(2),
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sI siht aslablcyi tujs a nnaamiit" uqylita fo "efil dink fo tui?qeosn

medstudent65  Its a stupid as shit question. Some of the ethics questions on these new NBMEs are horrible. +13  

submitted by hayayah(989),
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The only meti ouy rusetsnfa a hJa'vheos Westins tnapiet si ewnh eth enttapi is a morni (;8&l1t esyra do.l)

medstudent65  I get why the answer is not to proceed but simply stating at admissions you dont want blood products means nothing without proper paperwork being signed. +  
md_caffeiner  @medstudent65 From what I recall paperwork is needed for example: if the pt is unconscious and wife says that he is Jehovah's Witness. +