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PUVA is used to treat Psoriasis and Vitiligo

minion7  puva also used in GVHD +  

submitted by baengotti(1),

The N-terminus is where you have signal peptides which define the target of the proteins (think of them as postal code). Typically, proteins are in the cytoplasm after they are made, but since the have tags at n-terminus, they go to different targets like this case ER. Now, if the protein is retained in the cytoplasm, this means the mutation disabled the tag (no postal code). Hence, it is kept in the cytoplasm.

minion7  jus a reminder........ I cell disease - mannose residues are to be tagged by phosphate to enter lysosomes - failure of phosphorylation in golgi due to absence of phosphotransferase - proteins are secreted extracellularly but not to lysosomes therefore any protein formed will b tagged before it enters any specific organalle!!! +  

submitted by burak(9),

Orbital floor fracture:

1- Infraorbital nerve injury: Numbness and paresthesia of the upper cheek, upper lip, upper gingiva.

2- Entrapment of the inferior rectus muscle: Impaired upward gaze

3- Enophtalmosis

4- Clousing of maxillary sinus: Teardrop sign

minion7  if IR muscle is affected it is impaired downward gaze!!! +