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Welcome to moloko270’s page.
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 +1  (nbme22#9)
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meningitis  isn't letter C the intercalated disc where the gap junctions are? +11
chediakhigashi  The actin is bound to structural proteins at the Z-line, this was on u-world #1734 if i understood correctly +

 +12  (nbme22#18)
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Mnerhpio si zalidombete ni eht irelv to rheum-nlgn-uioroicpde6 and eo-o3rmlruin,euih-ngdcp hbto fo wihhc ear txdeceer yb the esndyk.i In eht gesittn fo rlena eafulir, tehse btoaetimesl can caelacutu,m ugntesirl in a iloegwnr fo het uzriese tslh.rheod prioneMh hsdolu freteeorh be uesd wthi onituac hwit midl erlan mmeinirpta dna eb idaoevd in teh nitgtes of lrnae rf.eiula

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etyh aevg a ihtn fo sndeiarec iaretiecnn lvel,e lusp loedr gae can vgie a olsewd nwod tbaielmmos nda NCS mstspmoy

 +17  (nbme22#30)
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FA p.754 - irgnubn rerbbu elsml oilnhtaaulnic surocc as an aaru orf perltoam oleb sepipley

 +4  (nbme22#40)
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olw otunma of fecal talassee si mcomno ni tinpcaerac usicniinyffec (AF 7)53 - sue spepnaealric (bocom fo ilase,p teaospre adn alamesy )zysenem ot mereov naomirlspaobt

 +1  (nbme22#18)
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sdeanreci tnomua of eerntsog dpcearmo ot enrnogda tcvatyii is iloyogipchs ni epuyrbt

 +1  (nbme22#1)
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emdsoyrn" of ii"nulltdoa y"olsliayo-hptom in eeevrs itsgoveecn terah feualri amy be audcse by na enlaopirapyirtp hhig DAH netecosri in chiwh eth rosopmorecet meysts si moaidnetd by rnloonmsao m"iuslti

hayayah  Apparently, in chronic CHF you see hyponatremia. Because CHF causes a decrease in cardiac output and circulating blood volume, which in turn triggers a compensatory response aimed at preserving blood pressure. This stimulates the body to retain both water and sodium. +7
seagull  i agree with Hayayah... the RAAS system is activated due to poor perfusion to the kidney due to decomp heart failure. +4

 +17  (nbme22#32)
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ossl fo ifudl rtrggeis asontdeleor up,ordntico os napitet ilwl eahv rpemrytahnaei nda hapikmlyeao as a lrsute

makinallkindzofgainz  dat RAAS +4

 +1  (nbme22#1)
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jtus wnok barboypl atht oalaanytcmli MAS srun oabve dhtir atrp fo oueud.dmn os fi we haev a emgailnt linlpgu vroe atth iesd it acn rsbocttu hotb undmeodu (wsa mntideeon ni s)mte dna SMA hatt siel voer ti

ni IG itnocse tyeh alos ebidrcse ASM sorneydm - newh SMA utsrctbos eth ddoumune lseift os ist utsck eewbtne MAS adn rtaao. uegsgnsi orfm ehrte

 +4  (nbme22#38)
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tshi is rWbngelela dnsmreoy - eostrk duecas yb isbnurottoc fo AICP - so tahts why ew etg osymstpm of ay,gipshad s,seohsenra etbnas gga efxrle (.p 502 A)F

armymed88  dysphagia from hit of nucleus ambiguus (CN IX/X/XI) Sensation changes due to hit of lateral spinothalamic tract and spinal trigeminal Check out rule of 4s if you haven't already +2
theecohummer  Yup, lateral meduallary syndrome or Wallenburg Syndrome. Whatever you want to call it. The hemifacial analgesia is from damage to the spinal trigeminal nucleus/tract, and you get the hoarseness from damage to the vagus and the body loss is from the spinal thalamic tract. You can also get Horner’s syndrome with this. +19
dr.xx  Lateral medullary syndrome = Wallenberg's syndrome +

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