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Welcome to monoclonal’s page.
Contributor score: 21

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 +14  (nbme24#5)
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hTe tonpi eher si, tyeh rea ginska su ot eneiimatl het lnyo narwes hatt is ton olbsipes. I otg ti w.ongr erda lewl alelsf

ergogenic22  nbme logic: "what if they all marry carrier wives" And doesn't everyone with autosomal dominant get it in the 2nd generation (unless incomplete penetrance) i feel dumb +18
cavernosum  totally agree. what a st*pid qs! +

 +7  (nbme22#14)
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iTsh aeigm owhss eth itplmeul enivs icwhh indra sebart etsui.s asye vsa.liu o(t syea ot msis i,t ubt i i)dd

yb_26  this one is the best, thank you! +1
canyon_run  very nice! +

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