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Welcome to mullerplouis’s page.
Contributor score: 8

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 +0  (nbme21#1)

the "has never been sexually active" solidified it for me lol.

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mullerplouis  To add to this it causes Meningoencephalitis. Look out for confusion and brain signs mixed with signs of meningitis. Only a handful of organisms that cause both. +2  
osler_weber_rendu  Am I the only one who thought portal of entry cant be through a nerve and just ignored all the nerves? +19  
luciana  @osler_weber_rendu I thought the same... I knew it was through cribriform plate, but not that was actually through the nerve +6  
paperbackwriter  @osler_weber_rendu yeah same here, otherwise would have been a much simpler question +  
melchior  In line with the thinking above, SketchyMicro teaches it as if it just passes through the cribriform plate, ignoring the nerves. Wikipedia says that it actually enters the nerves, then passes through the plate. +2  

submitted by atbangura(9),

This person has heart failure. We measure people ejection fraction to determine the presence/severity of heart failure. An echocardiogram is required to measure ejection fraction which makes echocardiogram the correct answer.

mullerplouis  I concur. +  

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Ch’son:r pksi sei,lsno e,itslfau setrutsirc dn(a het ascynsuener lnaurmsrat tnmlveneoiv on ysot)lohgi.

mullerplouis  I think the histology was hinting at the granulomas.. +6  
medguru2295  Yes the histo was a granuloma.They also gave fat streaks, and mentioned ileum, and adhesions. LAY-UP! +