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 +0  (free120#33)

Just wondering, could this patient's presentation also be the result of an Imperforate Hymen or Transverse Vaginal Septum? I was looking for those in the answer choices, and thought Ectodermal Dysplasia might be referring to either of those.

zolotar4  so was curious, found on wiki - "If untreated or unrecognized before puberty, an imperforate hymen can lead to peritonitis or endometriosis due to retrograde bleeding." - our patient has no symptoms besides never having a menstrual period and probably would've been seen in the clinical presentation. +

 +0  (free120#34)

I was vacillating between this patient having Bacillus Anthracis vs. Clostridium Perfringes. What exactly pushes it over the edge for C Perf? Is it the crepitus?

sgold11  Yep! +

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