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meningiomas count as enhancing lesions? (this comment needs to be more than 50 characters apparently.)

goldenwakosu  I think it’s because meningiomas are able to calcify (aka sometimes they have psamomma bodies). I got this question wrong too but I totally did not completely register that the tumor was in the dura (interhemispheric fissure + central sulcus). Hope that helps!
pipter  the only reason I got this right was because they described the tumour as being near the falx cerebri.
fcambridge  Other hints include being described as round and seen in a female. Both indicative of Meningioma
niboonsh  also meningiomas typically present with seizures or focal neurological signs
suckitnbme  I thought enhancing meant it uptakes contrast. Meningiomas are commonly enhancing lesions per Radiopaedia.

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