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 +0  (nbme23#47)

a)abduction: supraspinatus-deltoid-triceps-serratus anterior

b)adduction: subscapularis-pectoralis major-lattisimus dorsi- teres major

c)extension=horizontal abduction; post. deltoid, infraspinatus, teres minor

d)internal rotation: subscapularis

for isolated work out, d is better.


thotcandy  teres major also internally rotates? It's attached to the medial lip of the humerus

 +0  (nbme22#21)

Pco2 Is high, acidosis; Respiratory acidosis.

If Compensated well, ΔHCO3-= E(Erythrocytiv compensation)ΔPCO2/10, (1~2)(65-40)/10=2.5~5 >> ΔHCO3=15-24=-9, not compensated, even less HCO3-; Combined metabolic acidosis.

for, Kidney compensation. use 3~4 instead of 1~2 in erythrocyctic compensation. and with this, the Gap between well compensated and the case even farther.

 +0  (nbme22#1)

Hyponatremia from Heartfailure pt.

It should be approached from Heart faiure.

HF-> RAAs -> excessive Aldosterone, ADH; ANP escape faiure, like secondary hyperaldosteronism; Hyponatremia


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