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Monoclonal Antibodies are always last resort! I just use this as a general rule

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CNS amoebiasis is most notoriously caused by Naegleria fowleri, which I encourage you to memorize as the “brain-eating amoeba.” Found in fresh-water bodies of water like ponds and lakes, it has three forms: a cyst, a trophozoite (ameboid), and a biflagellate (i.e. has two flagella). Infection is via olfactory cell axons through the cribriform plate to the brain.

mullerplouis  To add to this it causes Meningoencephalitis. Look out for confusion and brain signs mixed with signs of meningitis. Only a handful of organisms that cause both. +1  
osler_weber_rendu  Am I the only one who thought portal of entry cant be through a nerve and just ignored all the nerves? +1  
luciana  @osler_weber_rendu I thought the same... I knew it was through cribriform plate, but not that was actually through the nerve +  

Relationship with former patients are generally frowned on, but they’re especially problematic if the patient was a psychiatric patient, as the power imbalance of the practitioner-patient relationship and information the provider is privy to because of their patient care involvement preclude a healthy balanced relationship of equals.

osler_weber_rendu  But what if she hot? +  

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The kid has gynecomastia due to puberty (excess testosterone → estrogen) This goes away naturally (apparently in 12 to 18 months)

I think you don't have to do blood tests because he has normal sexual development for his age and there are no other signs?

osler_weber_rendu  How does telling an "embarrassed kid" that he will have big tits for 12-18 months help?! +