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Welcome to pitaziki’s page.
Contributor score: -5

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 -1  (nbme22#14)
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yWh is ti ahtt eth tisoncrtlae vein devpoisr eth most itrcde tpaywha fro stitetaacm btarse cecarn cslel to drpase ot rlaeebvtr nlmco?u I ohuthtg it swa intleanr ihtcraco ara(mymm) adn I ducoltn’ dinf chum ngirschea enloni, bssdeie iwidpaeki nsyiag hatt arelnitn ctircaho evni idrnas the .rasetb

gainsgutsglory  Intercostal vein → Azygos → Batson vertebral plexus → infection of inner vertebral body +31
realmedicmd  The internal thoracic drains into the subclavian, intercostal drains into the azygos system which is a more direct path to the vertebral drainage. +1

 -4  (nbme22#17)
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Why si eht arswen iusafilrb bveirs dan ont iufarlbis i?rtetsu owH do uyo ngtiissuihd wtenebe eth tow rofm ihst etgin?evt

gainsgutsglory  tertius is an anterior muscle and overlays the dorsum of foot as it fans out to the toes. Does not relate to the lateral malleolus. +
adong  wrong question to post on agree with above +

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