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Pretty sure I’m missing something basic here. This was SCC invading basement membrane facilitated by what? The answer is downregulation of E-cadherin but I thought that’s for metastastses (FA 18 says so too.) I ticked decreased laminin receptors (incorrect) coz laminin was found in basement membrane. At least that was my reasoning. Any help appreciated. Thanks!

naughtyegg  Downregulating E-cadherin is the first step cancer takes toward metastasis because low E-cadherin helps invade the basement membrane -> eventually leads to spread of cancer elsewhere. Laminin is also involved but according to pathoma, cancer will actually attach to laminin in order to destroy the basement membrane. Idk if receptor up/downregulation happens, that might be a stretch.
nuket0wn  per medbullets, there are increased laminin and integrin receptors. Also upregulated MMPs (matrix metallo-proteinases) to breakdown the basement membrane.
nwinkelmann  It makes sense that a tumor cell would increase their laminin, as opposed to decreasing, if attaching to laminin is what allows the cells to destroy the basement membrane. The more laminin, the more destruction possible.

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