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Welcome to realfakedreams’s page.
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submitted by hayayah(990),
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rebycciMatuom iumva eolmcpx nfteniosci are a omomcn snpitcouiortp teinniofc in spaetint iwht cavnddea DIAS 4(CD tucon 5&0t)l;.

realfakedreams  @hayayah you were being lazy.. smh.. Homie started anti-retroviral therapy. HIV infects CD4 T-Cells through either CCR5 or more commonly CXCR4. Because of anti-retrovirals start working, HIV isnt able to infect anymore CD4 T cells. Thus CD4 t lymphocytes levels start to rise and are able to active B cells. +11  
myf1991  Why can't it be monocyte? macrophage eat MAC and interact with CD4 +1  
weenathon  @myf1991 I also incorrectly chose monocytes, but if you look at the question carefully, it is specifically asking what cell is required for the lymph nodes to enlarge, not which cell is handling the mycobacterium avium infection. Since CD4 cells stimulate B cells to proliferate in lymph node follicles, which would make them bigger, CD4+ T cells is the answer. +1  

submitted by hayayah(990),
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Msto mbeslrpo ithw lcel nsdoviii curco ni ahpenaas fo iosseMi I.

realfakedreams  @hayayah - made an account just to say thank you. I appreciate that you exist. +13