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 +0  (nbme24#35)

I think this is much simpler and is testing the understanding of basic path concepts of metaplasia and dysplasia. The question stem says there is bronchiolar metaplasia, and dysplasia is a reversible state of cells caused by longstanding hyperplasia or metaplasia (here in this case the baby presents 1 month later after the initial biopsy)

 +0  (nbme23#41)

Also an obvious hint was the fact the cells were collected from a Pap smear, which involves scraping the cervix

 +0  (nbme22#48)

I would like to include here that it can not be B (Decreased leptin production) because leptin levels increase in obesity. Leptin is secreted by adipocytes, which become significant in obesity. High levels of leptin may also desensitize the satiety centers in the hypothalamus, which is why many obese people have trouble limiting their food intake.

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submitted by sympathetikey(1258),
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'hatTs a nwe ..e.o.n


sympathetikey  Makes total sense looking back. Just didn't know that was a thing :) +27  
sugaplum  Fun fact: Meredith from Grey's anatomy got her idea for Mini livers from a patient who presented with an accessory spleen.... and who said watching TV doesn't count as studying +22  
123ojm  have gotten at least 10+ NBME or Uworld questions correct because of grey's anatomy +2  
rongloz  LOL got this right because of Grey's anatomy too +  
chediakhigashi years old +  

submitted by azibird(159),

Would rickets present in a newborn? This article describing a case series says "There are few other published cases of congenital rickets caused by maternal VDD." So maybe rickets usually presents later in life. Mayo Clinic says it's usually after "an extreme and prolonged vitamin D deficiency."

rongloz  This was exactly my reasoning of choosing Osteogenesis versus Rickets +  

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stinkysulfaeggs  tell me about it... I got both in one block and started seriously reconsidering my answer choices! +11  
rongloz  I got both questions within 5 questions from one another! I was seriously doubting my answers haha +1  
faus305  Visceral Leishmaniasis affects about 0.001% of the world population each year so it only makes sense to have two questions on it.,to%20400%2C000%20or%20more%20cases. +  
underd0g  How do you differentiate leishmaniasis vs malaria? I picked malaria because I thought, no way leishmaniasis is on here twice. But doesn't malaria also cause splenomegaly, fever and abdominal pain? is the key differentiator PANcytopenia? +  
faus305  @underd0g, correct no Pancytopenia in malaria. But also malaria probably would've said the patient was in Africa. +