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Welcome to sam.l’s page.
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submitted by yo(86),
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sam.l  Thank you for the explanation. I'm still confused about this answer. I was in between Zinc and fructose. Zinc deficiency also presents with anosmia (pg 71 First Aid 2019). Fructose is used for the movement. His hormones are normal. +3  
d_holles  Apparently diabetes, occlusion, and inflammation can result in ↓ fructose in sperm. Mauss et al, Fert Stert 25, 1974 +4  
cienfuegos  Thanks all for the info, quick note on the Zinc reply above @Sam.I: anosmia = lost sense of smell. +  
sam1  Great find yo! I believe this question was alluding to cystic fibrosis and the congenital absence of the vas deferens. Here is a link to a NEJM article about it below: +  
burak  zinc deficiency cause hypogonadism. there is no hypogonadism, sperms are damaged? +  
fatboyslim  @Sam1 but cystic fibrosis will show abnormal physical findings (clubbing, pulmonary crackles etc). The question says physical exam shows no abnormalities. +  
pg32  Confused as to how we can rule out zinc... From "Zinc also plays a role in healthy sperm production. According to a 2018 review article in the Journal of Reproduction and Infertility, zinc deficiency may contribute to poor semen quality and infertility." +  
bekindstep1  @pg32 I am not sure of how Zinc contributes to sperm production, but the question was asking about abnormalities in the semen and fructose is present in the semen. Maybe zinc plays a role in sperm development before it is mixed in with semen and so one with zinc deficiency wouldn't have low in zinc in their semen perhaps, but it their blood. This is just a hypothesis though.... +  
brise  ^^ Yeah that's how I ruled it out. You can find fructose in the semen, but you wouldn't be able to find zinc in the semen! It might help the sperm, but it's not going to be chilling with them +  

submitted by gabstep(14),
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sam.l  the question stem states a "a scent vaginal discharge" is that a distractor in the question. +  
kentuckyfan  "Scant" means very little. +1