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Welcome to shakakaka’s page.
Contributor score: 4

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 +0  (nbme16#21)

Why not N.meningitidis ? Penicillin and ceftriaxone are treatment chooses for N.meningitidis and it's encapsulated.. If I'm not mistaken macrolides and ceftriaxone are treatment for S.pneumo , not penicillin

shieldmaiden  This is prophylactic treatment, and penicillin is the one recommended by the AAP and CDC +

 +1  (nbme16#11)

Risk factors for osteoporosis are gender( women) and ethnicity ( whites) according to BnB. In this case gender is answer, because she is African American.

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submitted by ajguard26(39),
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cbay0509  thank you +  
shakakaka  Why It's unreadable.. +2  

Natural transformation is when bacteria take up naked bacterial chromosomal DNA in their environment (usually from cell lysis). A cell "lysate" is what remains of bacterial genes when the bacteria is dead (can be extracted from bacteria, as shown here). The SHiN bugs all can undergo transformation. You know it is transformation even without knowing which bugs can do so because it doesn't take up the DNA when DNase is added (it kills any free environmental DNA in the lysate)

topgunber  just wondering why is plasmid transfer not a good option??? +  
m0niagui  Transduction requires the presence of a bacteriophage virus. Plasmid transfer requires two different live bacteria, point mutations will not occur across colonies so uniformly and neither will strand mispairing. +1  
shakakaka  @topgunber I think DNase wouldn't stop the process in case of plasmids +1  
topgunber  you're right in that DNAse wouldn't be able plasmids in living cells because they are inside the bacteria (same with their nuclear dna). Since living cells use sex pilli to transfer plasmids yes, DNAse wouldn't stop plasmid transfer. Key there is they had to be living. I do think a dnase can break down a plasmid in extracellular solution though (its just another piece of dna). +  

submitted by aoa05(27),

A high stepping gate implies distal more than proximal weakness. Hammer toes are a finding in Charcot-Marie-Tooth (hereditary motor and sensory) neuropathies, most of which also feature demyelination of peripheral myelin sheaths. Slowing of nerve conduction velocities could have demonstrated the same thing less invasively.?

notyasupreme  Ask me why I thought this was Friedreich Ataxia and not CMT fml lol +  
shakakaka  Why did you think that it's FA? +