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Welcome to skinnynomore’s page.
Contributor score: 13

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 +10  (nbme24#12)
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Threy’e iggivn a otl fo ufioncgsn erxta aoimnfrtnoi ,hree mbeay to irtp us pu. yehT sjtu tanw lvemuo fo uoniidtb,irst imsple sa tha.t

Vd = u[rdg dnraime]esdti ÷ mpala[s dugr ]crntnnieaocto

irstF troecnv it lla to /Lg aeebucs ihts si ohw hte naresw lwil eb:

n:rdsatemdeii 08 gm = 00.8 g saplma n:tnoeaicorctn 4 u/mlg = 4.000 /gL


Vd = 80.0 magrs ÷ 00.40 g/L = 20 L

naeCalrce fo dgur is tno a uegh caorft esubcae teh hafl file is so gnol atth hte gudr si giusnbdttiir brefoe citasnfnigi lareccane succo.r

gonyyong  I think the distribution half-life and elimination half-life was saying that by the time you checked, it had fully distributed (10 half-lifes) and had not been cleared yet (super long half-life) +13
soph  1000ug= 1mg and 1g=1000000ug so then 4ug/ml * 1g/ 1000000ug= 0.000004 g/ml 0.000004g/ml * 1000ml/L= 0.004 g/L 80mg*1g/1000mg= 0.08 g vd= 0.08g/ 0.04g/l =20L +4
tiredofstudying  Or, like a normal human, convert 4ug/mL into mg/L ... which is 4 mg/L. 80mg/4mg/L is 20L. +17
corgilobacter  I hate NBME... I thought these stupid conversions were over after undergrad. Nope. +1

Subcomments ...

submitted by aerrow3(-1),
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hatW aer ew psodseup to eb geeisn on het IM?R Or od ouy tjsu asbe ti fof eht ieanttp ingbe an oilhacclo with phi bseo?lrmp I ou’wdevl masusde savraucla oncrsise eluvod’w hoswn osenimhtg no eht ar-Xy utb the aryx- dhsowe on losbmaerainti so kid if hte IMR si ghownsi mtogeis?nh

skinnynomore  alcoholic in the hx should point you towards avascular necrosis when there is an “atraumatic” complaint +  
batrays +  

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yhW si shit intireaItsl nlim?taaImonf I nrsnuedatd shit is a RUV cnuigas o.dihsnrspheroy

skinnynomore  this kid has chronic pyelonephritis due to recurrent UTIs (VUR/hydronephrosis is a risk factor). And -itis = inflammation. That was my take on it. +3