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 +0  (nbme13#30)

Patient is obese with a BMI of 30 and a major risk factor for T2DM is obesity and high-calorie diet.

castlblack  what is wrong with low carbohydrate? Carbs raise insulin after all +3
trazobone  I also have this question ^^^. My guess is the question says which diet is most effective so if he had a low-carb diet but high in everything else, then he won’t lose weight. Versus no loopholes in a low-calorie diet +

 +0  (nbme13#35)

Colonic bacteria convert lactulose into lactic acid and acetic acid, which acidifies colonic contents. This leads to the conversion of ammonia (NH3), which is a weak base, into its nonabsorbable protonated form, ammonium (NH4+). Once protonated, the positive charge prevents ammonium from crossing cell membranes, keeping the molecule in the colon. As the levels of ammonia in circulation gradually declines, the symptoms of hepatic encephalopathy improve

 +3  (nbme13#38)

Muscle: Adductor magnus

Origin: Pubis, tuberosity of ischium

Insertion: Femur

Action: Adducts the thigh at the hip

 +2  (nbme13#45)

P. aeruginosa has been shown to form biofilm-like microcolonies in the lungs of CF patients making it difficult to treat with antibiotics.

 +1  (nbme13#39)

Seminal vesicles contribute fructose to the ejaculate. Decreased fructose concentration may indicate an ejaculatory duct obstruction.

 +1  (nbme21#15)

Can't histamine also cause swelling or is it just not involved in the pathology of gout?

zevvyt  yes. Histamine causes vasodilation and increased vessel permeability. But it's not involved in Gout. Gout is more about Neutrophils and Macrophages activating eachother and not really about Mast cells. +2

 +1  (nbme22#40)

Why would there be hyperkalemia if total body potassium is decreased in DKA?

drdoom  super high blood glucose; super high glucose spillage into urine; lots of peeing = volume depleted (“osmotic diuresis”) +
alphatnf  because insulin normally stimulates Na/K ATPase, which sequesters K inside cell. lack of insulin means that there will be more K outside of the cell causing hyperkalemia. however, you are still total body K depleted due to osmotic diuresis. so the hyperkalemia is mainly due to a shift of K from the intracellular (where the vast majority of your K is inside your body is) to the extracellular space. +
alphatnf  *where the vast majority of your K is inside your body +

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skip_lesions  Found a good pic showing bilirubin metabolism +  

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brotherimodu  Woah. Who knew the body was so complicated? +